Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 129 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Mr. Candar, Mr. Karesi, you will wear out both the right and left wings. Where is Osman Bey? Selamun aleykum. And aleykum salam. Aleykumselam Here I am… I came to say that your moves are wrong. What is the truth, please enlighten us with your truths, Osman Bey. Get enlightened or we will all lose together. Mister Hunter! They are there! Let’s go after them! Baysungur Acar, stay with Avc─▒. Kutan Aykurt, you block his way! Oh, hunter, don’t let him die calmly! Ismihan never stopped playing, he thought of our every move.

What shall we do now, sir? Now… Now the Hunter must live. Come on, braves! That will not happen, the Hunter must live! Bismillah. After all, what is the task? My lord will not be saved, he will die. It ‘s not good for him to die, this is not how the right will find its place. Lots of innocents will die. God help us. Your word is very ambitious!

What do you know that we don’t know? You walk on the ambush. We are aware of that haze. You think you know only the ambush. But this is the ambush itself! Do not underestimate Nayman, he will mislead your intelligence. There are spies in you. And it traps you. Tell me, Mr. Osman. – Mr. Yakup… Did you take the property of Candar bey? I didn’t, I’m here with my twenty thousand horses.

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