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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 13 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

If you had no moves to hide, then you would have brought us before the sultan and handed him over. If we were to be beheaded, then we would have been shot. But you concealed your move. Even while you were hiding it, you stole Ali Selçuk’s banner to the ground. Take the commander to the dungeon! I will question him separately. Osman… As long as the Mongols are in the palace, your enemy will not end, my sultan. Even the devil looks at his shoes… to see if it’s upside down or straight. Bayindir, what do you think about this issue? I call you Mr. Bayındır. My Sultan? We know you with your loyalty to the Valide Sultan. What did you come here with?

To prevent Osman Bey from dethroning me or to help me? They missed Alçiçek! Alçiçek and Aktemur have their wedding tomorrow. Bayındır Bey, your share of the conquest of Marmaracık is the booty. This pusat is also a gift from me to you. be there. Be there, sir. Her majesty, Valide Sultan, Osman Bey defeated a great deal. Osman Bey, did the ambitious man not digest this and embark on such an arrangement? I do not know. However, the Mongolian view of the issue is obvious. Is Osman Bey right? Doesn’t Mongolian always use this? Will you now trust an Ilkhanid commander or a Turkish lord? Only you know this, my majestic sultan. I will spare your life, Osman Bey. On one condition. Your son Alaattin will be my guest until the truth comes out . Thanks.

Thank you, my sultan. We do not spare our child because you are sure of our innocence. As you see fit. May you accompany Mr. Alaattin. If the gentlemen have nothing to say, they can withdraw. My Sultan. Speak Salevi. My Sultan Osman Bey was involved in the throne issues even in Constantinople. Weakening his environment is one of his moves. We should not trust him. Vizier… It doesn’t matter who you are. You don’t see the real issue. The issue is neither Osman nor Samagar. The issue is my uncle Mesut. Food, food in the camps, Malhun chick. The provisions in the castles and the surrounding areas were taken by Olof and his men. There is not a single place to buy provisions, Malhun hatun. They’re increasing their action. What would they do with these provisions, Kumral Abdal? They used to load it on cars and take it away, but where they would take it is not known. They want to do with trade what they can’t do with a compass. If we can’t find those supplies, we’re in good shape, mother.

They will frighten the people with famine and provoke us. We will open Yenişehir’s cellar. Aktemur first distribute the supplies in the cellar to the people in distress. House by house, we will meet every need, Malhun lady, but there is not much food in the cellar. Where do they take all the provisions? There must be a place in the route of castles and camps. They know we’ll raid and take them if we know their location. It must be a secluded place. especially caves. There are dozens of caves next to the castles around Karacahisar, Kulucahisar and Bilecik. But this must be such a place that if there is a raid, the reinforcements can come to help. Taşkaya Beytepe and Yassıtaş caves are on the route of these castles. It is also close to Köprühisar. Your order has reached Konya, my sultan. Honey, welcome. You said it is an important issue, Your Excellency Valide Sultan, you are welcome. Even though we had some unpleasant events, it’s all in the past. You invited me to your table. Now it’s my turn. First you sit at my table.

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