Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 132 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

My lord Orhan, what happened to Orhan? Orhan Bey was poisoned, sir. What do you think? Is it okay? He’s fine, but he can’t get out of bed. It cannot move anywhere. orhan. Orhan… Thank you. Alps! It ‘s not over, it’s not over. But there is! Is there any more left? It’s almost time for us to finish… Innocents… Let me introduce you to Cerkutay. What is going on here, what are these sounds? Who’s inside! – I came, I came!

Wait! Wait, wait a little longer. Open the door! What’s going on inside! Come on, open that door! I’m opening wait wait wait wait! I will open them all now! I came, I came! Open the door! Who are you! Open the door! Who are you answer me! – Blast! Or… Pop it. Traitor! Let’s put a bunch on the threshold in exchange for sugar syrup .

You will stand up. Osman.They destroyed our son Osman. They broke his arm and wing! Malhun. Malhun, I can’t stand the tears flowing from your eyes. Cry. Cry. No, neither our arm nor our wing will of course get better, get better. That’s how you will stand firm.

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