Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Whoever you name Avcı, Ismihan, think of your brother. You brought this on ourselves, Bengi lady. What do you say! Esme! How can you do such a job, mother! You’re going to get everyone on our heads! Let them gather! What did you do, why did you commit such a betrayal, Esma! Another thing, Esma! I had to!

They forced me for my brother, Alçiçek chick! Esme! This is the hardest part of motherhood. My child hurts and my heart will be hell. A wolf is born from a wolf, as long as he has a mother like you, do n’t worry, he’ll get over it. He will get over it. But those who broke my branch, those who did this to my child, I will rip out their hearts with my own hands! We will dismantle… Orhan. – Dad. Orhan… no no no no Orhan, Orhan… Mother. – Son. Straighten me – Right now, son.

I’m Orhan. Son Baba – He You shouldn’t have seen me fall like this. son! How does that word suit you? You, you will regain your health, by Allah’s leave. No matter what Kumral Abdal did, Dad. I am a burden to you. Can a child ever be a burden to his mother and father? I carried you in my belly for nine months, I will carry you on my back for a lifetime . Is this how I will be okay, mother… Is this what you call son of the gentleman?

I can’t even lift my arm. I ‘m a burden to you. Look, let me see you! You are neither a burden to me nor to the tribe. Son, you are my armor. You are my first tear. Don’t… Don’t… You won’t give up, son, the day you put that finger in place, that day I knew you. You are strong, you will never let go! You will be fine! And those who did this to you, you will ask them to account for it! We will ask, we will ask back to back together!

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