Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 135 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

You will stand up against the enemy. Look at me! You will never give up. Promise me you will get up from this bed no matter what. Promise father, promise I will get up. My mother Cerguday . Don’t worry, Cerkutay knows Inegol better than the Olofs, and also the castle. He will come without being caught. He knows, he knows everything.

He is also skilled in Pusat. My God, let him come safe and sound, I’ll make him bulgur with meat, win and win! I heard! I heard! You said you’re going to make bulgur with meat in a win-win. Keep your word, Ülgen lady. Cerguday! You came. but what is your condition, if you don’t worry, it was like pulling a hair out of butter.

I both blew up the arsenals and killed three five- seven- do-no more… a lot of his soldiers. Masallah. But when I got out, the real thing started. I mean, a lot of soldiers started chasing me. How would I have been if I hadn’t known about the secret tunnel? – God forbid! This time, there was no martyrdom.

But I’m still going to teach you how to play the pusat. It ‘s not that easy, right, Ülgen hatun? I hope you will teach me. Is it that easy? What did you do? is there any news? What was that Olof doing all that preparation for? I didn’t learn anything from that Olof manger! But I heard from the soldiers that they will raid Muslim villages around İnegöl.

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