Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 136 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

I learned their names in my mind. – Well, what else. I need to inform my lord, though… they don’t have a fighter to fight, but let’s keep the precaution and follow them. Someone’s coming and blowing up my arsenal! Even your soul does not hear! Who did this! How did you not see it! Are n’t my life and my pen entrusted to you?

You will find it, you understand? You will question all the foreign faces you see. Olof! Do you understand! I’m pretty sure that Osman is involved in this. You’ll find him, if you don’t find him, I’ll kill you all! There ‘s news, Olof! A caravan A caravan of Turks going to Byzantium set off. He had quite a lot of goods.

In the morning, he will pass the road close to İnegöl. My flower, my beautiful girl- – Don’t! Don’t you say your daughter without telling me! How do you do such a thing? You will tell… You will tell! – Know your limits! No… Not this time. You have no right to hit me this time, this time it’s you. I didn’t, Ismihan did the snake, using my name!

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