Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 137 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Tell me from the beginning! From the beginning. Did you spy Esma? I did, but I had no other intention of hearing from the plain mansion! You threatened your brother! Were you going to kill the sabi you raised because you don’t have a mother you take care of yourself ? Were you always this bad, mother? You talk slowly, Alçiçek. I did not separate those two children from you! I scared Esma to do her job quietly, but things got messy! If he did, what is our fault? Ismihan got blood on Esma’s hand.

Esma is our obal, if they learn about Esma, we will burn before Ismahan. Not only me, but also your father and you will burn, then you will never meet your beloved Aktemur again, my daughter! Then you will help them catch that Frik snake, mother! You will find that antidote and raise Orhan to his feet! Otherwise, I will give up my own life from Aktemur and tell Osman the truth myself! Hunter’s death was not good, sir.

Then we will make another move. They barred us from the war. They drove them out of the army! But we will not let our guard down. We will form the defensive line and no one will cross this line! Of course we won’t pass! Selamun aleykum. And aleykum salam. Get well soon, don’t worry, Orhan is strong, we went to many battles with him, we stole pusat. I know that his strength is greater than his age.

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