Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 138 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Whatever trouble brought him into this state, he will surely overthrow it, thanks to the power of his family. If so, it will be even stronger than before. Hopefully. But for now, the test is tough. Our exam doesn’t look easy either. We haven’t seen it harder. Now they think that Nayman’s army will come upon them all. They do not realize that they will attack by dividing and coming from Şimal to Candar and from South to Karesi.

They think their intelligence is a trap. But we will not make our defense out of the east. We will do it by Şimal and South. For this reason, you should inform Mr. Uraz Şahin and Mr. Demir Han. They will give us a thousand horsemen. They will wait in the northern region. And they will wear out those who come from there in these valleys. But they will know that not every alpine will fall without reaping ten nökeri. I will block the path of the degenerate coming from the south. You will not come with us. For what?

We always talk about the enemy in the east. What about in the west… You’re going to shoot Olof. I went through Inegol, my own pen, for the war with Nayman. Olof, why should it matter to me? – It’s a matter of course. It waits for our feet to stumble. That’s when he will want to take these castles first and foremost.

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