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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 14 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

You should not worry… We know well the respect for blessings and the manners of hospitality. There is no bitterness. Bala lady… First of all, I want you to know that I appreciate you very much. I have heard of the sister’s share in the conquests. This is your skill. Thank you Valide Sultan, it is true, our sisters are very skillful. They do not spare neither the disbeliever nor the hypocrite.

Mashallah! But I think you’re missing something as you run from battle to battle. Mansion. You mustn’t stay out of the mansion business, Bala lady. Otherwise, no one will know where it is. Don’t worry about them, His Excellency, Valide Sultan We don’t have a lawsuit, Osman Bey commands us and we will do whatever is necessary for a lawsuit with him. Everyone knows their duty! After what I’ve witnessed, I can’t quite believe it Bala hatun What do you mean, Valide sultan? It bothered me more than the fact that you drew the dagger at the mansion, the attempt of the Malhun chick to stop you. He obviously considers himself superior to you . Where one of us is fire, the other becomes water so that we do not get up in anger and sit in harm’s way. Of course, you think very carefully, this is your mistake. The more I get to know you, the better

I will be sure that Alaattin Bey will be a very good gentleman. Don’t look at me like that, Bala Hatun. You also know that in Kayı tradition, the little ones sit on the post and the grown-ups cause it. Orhan Bey will be a great support to his brother on this path. But Malhun chick… I don’t think you can digest that. It will get in your way. A mother should stand behind her child. I am Valide Sultan today because I stood by my child. Those of you in my situation have no choice. You couldn’t see the truth in our eyes because you were dealing with these issues in the palace, Valide sultan. Posta, whether Orhan or Alaattin, they are both my children. When the throne skin comes into play, neither brotherhood nor kinship remains… You know that too. Never forget what I’m going to say as a mother. Stand behind your son.

Don’t put him alone on this bloody and dark road! Neither Malhun chick nor I will separate children! If the issue is the state, if the issue is the lawsuit, we cannot see the post. Rather. Is that why the gifts sent by the sultan to Alaattin Bey… Malhun made the lady sad. If you had seen Malhun’s face when I told Alaattin that your principality would suit her, you would not have spoken like that now, Bala Hatun. It is obvious that Malhun hatun bey put his wooden eye as his daughter or Orhan as his eldest son. There is you, call me bad again.

I only think of you. What is this for? This is the ring of my son, sultan Alaattin. It is a gift to Mr. Alaat, who will become a gentleman. As his mother, I want you to pass it on. Thanks. We couldn’t find the person who locked that door. My skin locked you before Bala chick came out. We will find him, but what the hell is Valide Sultan? As we know, Valide Sultan is the devil, Öktem Bey. He appears intending to stay close to Bala. But the price of their rudeness will be higher than being thrown into the dungeon. Say it, the cracking man. Yenişehir bazaar Mr. Öktem… – He will be ours.

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