Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 141 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

We will make sure that the nomads head towards your lands, not these lands. Let’s get rid of this scourge for the best. What if Osman tries to make a move and complicates the situation… I can’t stand an informal Osman, Yakup Bey! If I see him again, I’ll imprison him! Valide Sultan, is it necessary to go this far in this difficult time? Everyone goes forward in easy times, because I went forward in difficult times, you are with me, Mr. Yakup.

We will destroy Nayman, we will weaken Osman! We will come out of this difficult time stronger. What kind of pain is this? What kind of paper clip is this, O Lord? My son’s pain. it breaks my heart. But his sadness is not for himself, he says, I was going to be a gentleman, but I was a burden. He says I am a burden. Ya Rabbi feels remorse for us. My God, your grace is abundant, O Lord

You give us the strength to be patient in this test. You are Shafi, healing is from you, O Lord. Ya Rabbi… You heal… Ya Rabbi… You grant us this cure. Amen… Amen… My sheikh… My sheikh… My health is heavy for me. It hurts me to hold my foot in front of my child like this. It will be heavy… It will be heavy, it will be heavy, my sheikh.

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