Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 143 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

When I see my child like that. I would like to follow the path of Prophet Ibrahim. You used to say that I would like to break the idols, Osman Bey. Didn’t you know that you will be tested with such tests on this path that you are a candidate for? It’s not about breaking the idols, I saw the knife that rested on my son’s neck . I understand now.

I didn’t know, my sheikh, seeing my son so helpless and sad… he would be a burden, he would be ashamed! But not for myself, because I can’t serve the cause… Here is my sheikh, this is hard to bear… This is heavy! It would be heavy. Osman Bey, if these difficulties were not for these tests… How can we increase our closeness to our Lord? Imagine that he gave his most difficult tests to his loved ones. To His Messengers.

We will know that their sentence was given for the test and will be taken back for the test when the time comes. In any case, we will raise our hands to our hearts and say alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. We will know that the noble owner of the blessings given to us, including the children, is our Lord.

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