Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 146 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Mr. Öktem… You look worried. Gentlemen, there is no one coming or going, Valide sultan. My Valide Sultan Karesi Bey and her army are approaching. Am I Osman, so that my word can be said on my word? Estagfurullah Valide Sultan. Of course they will come, Mr. Öktem Baba… I’ll tell you something, but don’t get angry. son.

If I’m angry, I’ll be angry. God knows my heart, you know too, father. I always think about that after what I did to my brother. I… you expected me so long, you call me a miracle. – He… I’m not a miracle, it’s a test, Dad. I caused my brother. Maybe never- Son, does this word suit you? It wouldn’t be good for me to put my brother in this situation

But I caused it. Raise your head Alaattin raise your head! It ‘s not because of you. Those who did this, those who caused it, wanted to use you! If they wanted to do harm, they would have done it another way. Their intention was to use your hand. Do not even think about it! Do not let your intentions cause strife among your brothers! Do not come to this game! Just as your brother will get up from where your brother fell, you will not fall into yegis!

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