Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 147 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Come… Come Turgut Now it’s time to die under my pusat. Do you think I didn’t take my action? Whatever precaution you take, it does not prevent you from dying under my pusat! Do you think we don’t know your measure? Have a look! Olof, did you trust them? Pusat is right for the oppressors! Your fate is only hunting! Come on God! Allahu Akbar! Olof! Olof we can’t stand it! We need to withdraw.

Olof, your wound is deep! Come on! No no! Olof! Let the sky fall, let the ground split! But there is no hole for you to escape! I will follow you like the shadow of death! You will not find peace in that castle! Attack! Now it’s game over, Frik! Your life is in my hands. Take this bastard to the camp! How are the preparations?

The horses are shod and the riders are training. There will not be a single unskilled pusat, not a single temptre that has not been tried, Valide sultan. Preparations continue! – Get it. Candar Bey, do you think about your dormitory?

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