Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 149 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

What else would a private person think, my Valide Sultan? Do not worry, your homeland is safe. We’re going to drive that Nayman out. My Sultana, a horseman is coming. On horseback? Who are you! Genghis’ descendants are the end of you, Nayman! I’ve come a long way, a long way. Insipid. Just like your land. You will shed your blood for this country too! They are helpless. No! Let your commander come. I’m already here.

Cut it out woman! I’m talking about Osman. No, there is no auburn Abdal, there is no feeling. Come on, come on, come on one more time. I tried hard, I tried hard heh. Your biggest weakness is not choosing your leader correctly. What hardships did the great Genghis go through? Beaten and insulted Timu├žin became the Great Cengiz! What did Osman tell you, huh? Nayman will disperse his armies, don’t stop here, he said.

What did you do! You lost from the start. My favorite dumb foes. Easy loot lots of blood! Osman was right. Very little of my army is here because even that is too much for you! My armies besieged Candar’s homeland. Karesi’s homeland is under siege. Mr. Yakup! While your whole army is here, Germiyan is now an easy bite for me! How many soldiers are here? Let’s go out, huh? Your defeat will not last long, because you. Tamed in mansions in palaces, I am a hungry wolf of the steppe! Do you think we are afraid, Nayman?

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