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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 15 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

The market will come under our control when the Valide Sultan seizes Yenişehir. What does he want from us in return? Let’s be with you and keep the same line is enough. We’re not going to be next to Osman, who disgraced our daughter and put us in the language of the world. Reminder line reminder. My mind overcomes my anger and I restrain myself. Otherwise, I know what I will do. You say remind me, but I will not forget what was done to my daughter, Mr. Öktem!

Don’t forget, too, so that we can remember where we will stand. Do not forget that the people who talk behind us today will come and kiss our skirt tomorrow when it is Sunday! The ruling of the Valide Sultan is clear. I would say that he would set up a court even if it was just that, but he will never leave his job to luck. He used to say that the people love Osman and stop him. He obviously found a way to get the people back together, Hüseyin!

He says kill Osman. Will we, sir? Emir cuts the iron, Huseyin. You’re right, sir. – That’s right, of course. We are servants of order. We are maple lovers. We will apply whatever the Valide Sultan commands, so that our gold, our mountain, our vineyard. Now… you can find me ten… not enough, twenty men who are devoted to her thesis from her thesis. It’s time to root out the issue. It’s your command, sir! – Lets. Osman himself does not cry.

We pointed the Sultan wherever we wanted. We straightened it, but will he make a move on Mesut? He will… The Sultan is young, but he is energetic. Heard and weighed what I said. Even if he didn’t believe it, we planted doubt in him. Us or İlhanlı, it doesn’t matter. He will have to give the death warrant of Sultan Mesut. And so this will lead us to the sultan. And we will find the sultan before them. If we put Sultan Mesut on the throne, then Konya will provide whatever is necessary for all conquests. I hope sir. –

I hope so. My uncle, but always everything is a vizier for the state. Bloodless dominions are for plain child matters. Salevi! – My Sultan. My uncle Mesut will be executed by strangulation. His Excellency – It doesn’t matter who made the move.

As long as Mesut lives, he will always be a threat to my domination. If not today, they will use it as long as they live tomorrow. His Excellency – If you say one more word, I will count you as a traitor! Like the traitors, I will separate your head from your body and hang it at the entrance of Konya, vizier! Whatever Sultan Alaattin orders. Recruit a troop of loyal deniers. When the matter is over, their tongues will be cut off and their eyes will be gouged out. You will go to the mansion in Kaleköy, now listen to me carefully. Are you saying the preparations are complete? Preparations are complete, sir – Thank you. Sir, is there any help? Come on Boran.

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