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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

They keep my Beyim Sultan Mesut in the mansion in Kaleköy. Good… News came, we know where Sultan Mesut is. Now we will take him from there to be victorious. But we will be cautious when we arrive. Please don’t forget. Lets. – Sir! Alaattin Bey, what will it be?

You will save Alaattin. How sir? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in the palace. Next to Alaattin, there is Turahan dressed as a soldier. Shamil will also watch over you. It’s your command, sir. – Goodbye, come on. Obviously, we will do our war today not with a pen, but with a pusat. Mr. Osman! Where is Osman Bey, Dursun faqih? What does it matter to you, Mr. Bayındır? I was never going to say two double words. It doesn’t matter, I’ll do it later. But I sure will. The wife of the name Batasica couldn’t find a place to fight, she came and found me. I’m not saying in vain, my fateless head, everything comes and finds me. Just enough! He thinks that he can crush anyone because he has become a sultan. Don’t cry, you just wasted yourselves, Cerguday.

We’ll let that lady know when the time comes. Especially look at this, he did not see the onion, he thinks he will cry to the woman. Len Cerguday, what a soft heart you have, especially you. You’ll let me know Cerguday, won’t you? We’ll let you know, don’t worry, Len, why am I crying! Let that woman cry. Especially if an Osman Bey comes, he will bring wicks and wicks from his nose. What do you cry for then? Never.

I don’t cry for anything. If you’re hungry, the food is there. Let me know that I do not interfere with what you eat or drink. He cries for his love for me, something must be done. Something needs to be done… Ulgen… sister. Now, I am Cerguday Ülgen as a sister to this situation, namely Cerkut- What did you say? I didn’t hear what did you say? What did you say? I say so, I said- – What did you say? What I meant was that… Ülgen Hatun – Hatun? Hatun, should you join the sisters?

Get out of here Cerguday Alp! I say get out! Get out of my hand, I’m going to have an accident! OK, let’s be calm. Let go of what you have, slowly, slowly… let go… Get out, my skin, get out! I’m going to have an accident, get out of here now! Think about the sisters.

Still the lady says go out! Sister huh sister! You’re done, Cerguday, I’ve finished you! No, you make fun of me. No, I wouldn’t do this to myself! If I’m Ulgen, I don’t love you! Sometimes I say this is all a nightmare, I’ll wake up and it’ll be over. Aktemur will be the Aktemur I know. Don’t think anymore, Alçiçek, isn’t it Aktemur who put you in this state? It means you got it wrong. He was always like this, his heart was bad. No, Esma, you don’t know, it’s not just me, it doesn’t hurt anyone even on purpose! He can’t! But I hurt him a lot. I was so offended… Oh stupid…

Oh stupid my daughter still blames herself. He doesn’t believe in my love, so he will do whatever he does. Your love has blinded you, sister.

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