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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 17 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Does the man who loves fill his tongue with his beloved? Don’t cry anymore, Alçiçek. If my hands were broken, I wouldn’t have locked Bengi in that room! Esme! What did you say! What did you say! What would you do, mother! – Leave! Mother, we speak plainly-

– Don’t! Don’t protect your collaborator, Alçiçek! Forgive me Bengi chick! I wouldn’t have known it would be like this! I don’t want you in my office or in my pen! Get out! First thing tomorrow, you’ll pack up and leave! Disgraceful disgrace! Lets! Lets! Mother! Don’t say a word, Alçiçek, go to sleep! Otherwise you can’t leave this room! Is my problem property?

Then why is my heart stuck in this castle… Lord help me. Show me a way… My sheikh. You are welcome! Selamun aleykum. – And aleykükum, you brought joy. Here you go my sheikh. It’s not time to sit, Turgut Bey. When the enemy is all around, it is not the time to be offended and sit down. You too, my sheikh? Is this site for us or for yourself? Even if you question him, Mr. Turgut. You have no patience for the words that will come out of our mouths. Estağfurullah, my sheikh, how can you say that? In my animosity with plain Osman Bey, you always side with him. It would be nice if you could look at it from my side. The issue is not about Osman Bey. It is not a matter of Turgut Bey. The kuffar hypocrite is getting ready to unite and put the people to those who are starving. They keep the supplies… First, it’s time to defend the rights of the Muslims. It is time not to let the kuffar pass.

This is the work of much later than what you have counted. But we’ll talk about them when the time comes. Since you broke up with Osman Bey, not your case, then you should take care of your case, Turgut Bey. Do not leave the food of the people in the hands of the unbelievers! Leaving. I will come back. No matter what my animosity is, I will not let anyone eat Türmen’s food, my sheikh. Cut! – Here you go, sir. Get the Alps ready now, we’ll crash on top of the kufar in the morning. It’s your command, sir. Father! – Do not! Take your hand. son. If even his hair is damaged, then I will destroy this palace for you. You know. son. – We did it, dad. You made it. You have done your duty properly. Don’t worry, the rest is up to the father. But… don’t you feel like a prisoner here. What is slavery, father, my only purpose is to stretch my neck in front of the knife, like His Holiness Ismail, so that you will win on the blessed road you walk. Son…

You make your move and let us be granted martyrdom, my father. You are God’s grace to me, don’t worry I won’t put you next to them. If anything happens to him, I’ll be back to bring this place down on them. Don’t worry. entrust it to Allah. Good luck, Osman Bey. Thank you, thank you, my child. Mother. What do we do if we can’t find the supplies? Orhan… As a gentleman, it doesn’t suit you to ask this question. Bey knows your moves beforehand, even if he doesn’t know it, he never shows it! You’re right mother, I made a mistake, forgive me. It’s not a mistake, son, that’s how you’ll learn.

But let this be a lesson to you , don’t be tempted by the alps of your people. You, as the gentleman, will always support them and they will get strength from you! You will be tested with these when the mail sits tomorrow the next day. Remember what I just said. I’ll scrape it mom, I’ll be ready for that day. It’s obvious that Malhun hatun bey put his wooden eye on because I’m his daughter and Orhan is the eldest son. There is you, call me bad again. I only think of you. Welcome, Bala. What happened, why did Valide Sultan call? He never spoke such empty words. Did he ever say anything worthwhile? Or are you hiding from me?

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