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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 18 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

What do we have to hide from each other, Malhun? Or do you have? – There is no. There is nothing to talk about at that time. What did you do? is there any new news? We’ve sent out scouts to the caves, and as soon as we know their location, we’ll shoot them and get our goods back. They can’t hide anything from us, except for sure, every secret will go bad one day. Thanks.

What about Osman Bey, is there any news about them? No, but I hope they will be victorious. Hopefully. Now, with your permission. I hope it’s good. Has my order reached the Hristiyon villages around Yenişehir? It has arrived, sir. Under no circumstances will the people trade with Yenişehir. Well, the supplies in the vicinity and in the castles are very precious to us, you know. Everything is taken care of, Dan and Frodi are collecting them in Beytepe cave. The Turks might go after them. Don’t worry, Olof, if they get them, it’s over. If they can’t find the location of that cave, my soldiers will give them a nice welcome.

There will not be a single supply left in beautiful Yenişehir and its environs. That’s when the people will rage out of fear of hunger. And this hunger will break their inner unity, Olof. The Valide Sultan will also use this to destroy Osman’s reputation. In other words, the Valide Sultan will kneel, and we will strike the fatal blow. What if the castles don’t do the same to us to get them? No Valide sultan only wants Yenişehir and Söğüt. Ready to hand over castles and fortresses to us. Fill this up. Why would Turgut Bey have called us, gentlemen? Now we will get the answer to the question that is gnawing at you, Mr. Şahin. The brave gentlemen of the Turkmen tribes. You are welcome. Thanks. – Thank you, Turgut. Hey, Demirhan, is there something gnawing at your heart and you say you stay away from us? What is your intention,

Mr. Turgut? You turned your back on your neighbors, with whom you even shared the bread, in the narrow day. Now you want the same from us? I did not give up for a single moment from the Islamic cause that I started! This is why I called you. You defended the castles that you once owned by drinking the sherbet of martyrdom with your blood and soul! We lost a lot, we fought a lot.

But what did Valide Sultan do now? He placed Olof and his men in those forts. We heard that you were at the same table with Valide Sultan while these were happening. While we were moving behind Osman Bey, you gave a dish to those who did this. I’ve never had a dish for anything! Whatever happened that day, I heard something with you, I had no idea! What I want to do here! What I want to do is a counter move! What are your moves? No, you didn’t know.

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