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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 19 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

I didn’t even give my homeland to Osman, whom I call guardianship. How can I go and hand it over to Olof and his dogs! There is the blood of my martyrs in those lands! An unfinished orphan has a right, have you not known me at all? Gentlemen. Now, while we are here toiling with each other, kufr does not sleep… Kuffar continues his games. Now they have taken the provisions in our land and stacked them in the Beytepe cave. It is obvious that their intention is to crush Türmen with famine! But we will not allow that! We’ll be the ones to attack that cave when they least expect it and break Olof and his dogs! Now you say to me, gentlemen, are you with me on this blessed road ? Sir! As you said, we watched the men, they entered a sheltered house, on the northern side, behind the mosque. Does the courtyard of the house open to the street?

– It’s what you said, sir. Take us there. Come on alps. Osman will not be able to return from Konya. While he is gone, all his troops will be scattered. There is no force to hold them together. We will strike the final blow soon, Olof, and when Osman dies, we will take their castles, their lands, whatever they have! You always say good things Kantekouzenos Famine will set them against each other, and Osman’s death will be their end. Why don’t you think about the bad? What if he puts Osman Mesut on the throne and comes against us with a huge Seljuk army? Is this possible? Not possible. No, Osman can’t get out of there alive. If he does, he will encounter an agitated people who are starving here. How far will it go like this! He’s right.

– Osman Bey is not there! Still no sound from the caravans! What will we do! this is not how it works! What will happen if they don’t come? I call it too! We’re on our own! Winter has come, we will neither eat nor drink if these caravans do not come! If a solution is not found for this, you should know that I will go to Valide Sultan’s majesty! Let’s go too! – We’ll come with you! Not like that! – Where is Osman Bey? Why did we come here? Why would you bring me to the place where you were fired?

Shut up and walk, Esma Bala hatun won’t put you on the street like that. Lets. What are you doing here? – Don’t worry, I didn’t come to you, bystander. sunflower. – Honey babe. I’m sorry, we didn’t want to come like this, but what’s wrong, Alçiçek should come whenever you want. Esme? What is your condition, who did this to you? my mother. When my mother heard that it was Esma who locked the door on her, she went crazy. He fired Esma.

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