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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 20 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

She had no place to go, so I thought- – Well thought out, Esma, this is your home, and you’re welcome. Estagfurullah. May God be pleased with you, how can I forget your kindness… God bless you Esma, my daughter Besides, you didn’t make the mistake so that you could suffer. You will be under our responsibility in this mansion, Esma. When your parents died, I did not separate you from my own child, Esma. I looked at your guard and at you. Is this the opposite? Forgive Bengi Hatun, I was ignorant. I couldn’t stand seeing my Alçiçek chick so sad . You betrayed me, Esma. You cannot stay here. I will go. I’ll go, but… I have no one. You know where you’re going. You’re going to go to whoever got you fired from here. You will go to Yenişehir mansion. You will be my eyes and ears there. I can’t do this, Bengi Hatun.

You should have thought of her before you betrayed me. Your guardian will stay here with me in front of my eyes. You will also go to the mansion. How can I do it Bengi? – You will. You will. If you want your guardian to keep his eyes and ears in place, you will do what I say one by one. My stupid girl will take you to Yenişehir after all. God bless you Bala Hatun, Ayşe Hatun. I will not forget your kindness. Keep your mind at ease, Alçiçek, and not be out of your mind. Your sister is entrusted to us now, my daughter, and you shouldn’t blame yourself anymore. Esma girl, come on, let’s put you in your room and come. sunflower. Still want to join the sisters? Honey honey! The people began to gather in the bazaar because of the caravan. Why did the caravan that had been coming all this time not come? This is how the promise is kept! Will our trade agreement end if there is no Osman Bey?

Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Didn’t we tell you to wait, we will bring the caravans? What is this now? Waiting will fill you up, Bala lady? We are facing famine here while you wait, immersed in your own troubles. There is no famine! Mr. Bekir. Would there be famine because two caravans did not come? You are unaware of the world, whatever Osman Bey did, even the Christian villages in the vicinity did not sell what they had cultivated to us. They say other agreements are over. If Malhun can’t find the supplies, it will be a mess. Be on guard with the Aktemur alps, they don’t seem to be able to rest comfortably. Blessed come on! Those three on the left are mine. Where is your where is yours? Don’t be greedy, Gürbüz alp. You carry two pusats, two of them are enough. My eyes will rust if they don’t bleed. Do you want to get most of this Gürbüz Alp? –

Look at me! You can’t win a contest with me! What am I going to compete with you, are you my equal? Cenk, this is war. These are not my objections. Now the square belongs to Gürbüz! Look at me, when I reach the Gürbüz Alp mansion, I will tie you up and put you in the ballot box! What a disgrace to you! Robust! Don’t touch my cursing! Lets! Let’s inform Malhun chick, the road is clear for raid. It’s a change of guard, let’s go. Break the door. We know it’s not far. Now we will dive like the wolf into the herd. We will take Sultan Mesut and leave. – Thank you, sir. I hope sir. – Lets. So that day is today. I’m ready for martyrdom, but… I won’t fall until I lay most of you on the ground! My Sultan! Let’s just come. Especially if you come, you are fine? Osman Bey, they will call you a traitor.

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