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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 21 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

This move you made- No, when did we get off this? Didn’t you make the same mistake as before? Quick! Hurry, hurry! – They won’t escape, sir. Kill him where you see him! – Yes, sir! Be quick! There are still many supplies to unload! Increase the number of sentries. – I increased it and left the men on the road route, if the bird flies, we will know. Keep an eye out though, Frodi Olof’s orders are firm. Ok. You two go to support Be quick, come on faster!

Attack the alps! Come on God! Attack! Protect the supplies! Don’t hurt! Do you remember me, little brat! I don’t remember the dog I’m going to take his life! What are we waiting for, Mr. Turgut? They set a trap, mother! They come from everywhere! You’re on the wrong side, Turgut! Stand by the enemy! I am against everyone who stands against the Turk! You take it off, you’re almost there!

You know so! Their supplies are close! We’re pulling back! I will bury you in this land, Turgut! I will bury you Turgut! Are you okay son? – I’m fine, mom. Load the robust supplies onto the wagons. We will return to Yenişehir. Cheers guys. Cheers guys. Mr. Orhan. Cerguday. You too, Turgut, but we were waiting for you in front of us, not next to us. I just saved your life, is that what you’re going to give me, Malhun chick? There is nothing saved, Turgut Bey. We broke the oppressor’s game with the right of our wrist. Thanks.

Just so you know, you will see me more, other than that, whoever draws a sword on the oppressed in these lands, I will determine their fate. Come on guys let’s go. You turn your back on the first difficulty, Turgut Bey! Let it be known that the void you are trying to fill is bigger than you! If your moves tend to be betrayed once again, then there is only one thing to do, don’t forget that! You have become very fond of threats. There is no one who cannot be replaced. Of course, there is a brave man who will lead the way in a case. Come on guys.

Shut up around! Lets! No Mesut, sir. – Well go away! We have seen that if the head is cut off, the body is useless. In the absence of Osman Bey, Yenişehir got into each other. This means that the trust was not properly taken care of, Bala Hatun… Even when Osman Bey was here, trade was under our command, Her Majesty, the Valide Sultan. I heard, I heard.

My word is not for you, there was Malhun chick at the head of the trade. But the market and the market are intertwined, he is not even here. Malhun chick does her best. It’s about- – It’s about! It’s great, Bala Hatun. You have dragged your people into misery. But don’t worry… Ali Selçuk always! It is with you. As the Valide Sultan, I will seize the market! I will never allow this! Her Majesty the Valide Sultan… Oo..

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