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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 22 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

You will leave the new city Who will you kick out of your land, chick Without hearing me, I guess malhun lady is a rebel. What lands are you talking about, a rebel fugitive? We gave you the right to stay in this land by understanding your tribe, or you will return to the place you came from. I will not see anyone in that mansion until evening falls Osman I will burn you and your people alive You will end up like them, your fire is yours to return to the village Come and see I will cut your head from your body This is as arrogant as this sale with you Let’s act

let me see come on You stay here Shepherd, let’s not scare you Brother Shephered welcome, thank you, I came here to take a relic, let me hear that smokeless Yiğit wouldn’t be without a pusat, he sent it to Osman Bey. The knife does not chip its own handle, it is glazed. I carry this heavy load with me every day. But yours is one of ours, Durmaz Who are you? I’m not offended, I don’t want to mislead you, too, my master has such customs, what is it?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 22 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

damn he trapped Let’s go crowds I can’t let it go let’s go now let’s go I don’t want you to stand next to me while the executioners are after me , Turgut Bey Sultan. We wear our shroud with armor Uncle, while the fate of the country depends on you, our lives are of no value. Everything is for the country, Osman Bey used to say so, but he landed with Bala Hatun in the hands of Valide Sultan Osman Bey and Bala Hatun’ We will take it Safely, now think about your own health , Isn’t it Sultan’s Excellency Come, right malhun, I knew that Valide Sultan would not stop evacuating Yenişehir by the order of Valide Sultan, but we will know how to deal with her, if she takes advantage of her absence, we will know how to deal with her, thank you Shepherd, this has not taken too long, will it be okay?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 22 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Do I carry a big trust ? Do you know what a trust is? I know, of course, it’s my dear. It’s a heavy load to take and give too. Cousins ​​in the camp. You son of a We’re here, this time you’re the one to deliver the trust. It is understood that this work will not be finished without scraping. ı Or you will die. Look, the brothers don’t even think about their own death. I will kill you first, the degenerate vinegar You’ll see what it means to trap a lion Will the Wolf have a tooth of him Osman ya masmahane.

Damn it The wrath of my Lord is always on people like you. Now I will see it. Good luck, your end will come from me. Come and see Osman, you call Azrael, It’s not Ismihan, it’s a test, this woman is a test, the test of the divine country Isn’t that right, she came to test me, she’s a test for us. She’s full of life. We did it Come on guys, are you still here malhun chick I see you are very impatient Bengi Hatun of course K For the Valide Sultan, it is known that her tastes are not the same as yours, this state is she is state.

You promised me my revenge, we will take our revenge, we will take everything that Osman has I hope he will regain his health, I hope we are in our camp again, we are together again Thank you to my Lord who gave us such a table, Amen Praise be to my Lord who brought us all together. you will learn in time What a meal Osman Bey, these braves have done a great job They did a great job They saved the life of Husband Sultan Mesut You may wonder but you will throw the excuse on the gentlemen

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