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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 23 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Android ha You If you were someone who wanted to interfere with the order of the surrounding states and increase your power, if you had let me sit on the throne that day, these would not happen today [Music] I knew that you were behind those dark moves, but I do n’t want to hear anything other than the scar. Let’s meet in the hereafter, let’s not say anything that will give strength to these rascals, will you make me live and we are not afraid of death, just as we are not afraid of death [Music] we are not afraid of each other’s death death is only a short separation

If kills me, you will not get any information, but if you kill my chick, nothing You can’t buy anything you’re smart enough not to do that I know you well I know me well I can kill for pleasure I can kill honeymoon Marto you say neither I’m the devil  I don’t care what you’re doing Free or your strength I don’t obey Kante be nice and I’m not tamed But Osm Now hurry up tell me

No Your very dear wife is dying I’m taking your Osman Yaren gazelle last chance to my brothers my soldiers my everything you took from me speak or I will kill you [Music] Talk Osman talk How do you wait in this dungeon how can I escape Osman recruit soldiers almost everywhere Asiye Valide Sultan Akdemir she is gone, the horses have escaped Find out whoever did this, I am Hatun Sultan Alaaddin, what happens here, my Sultan Osman escaped with his golds, he knows his punishment to avoid going to the court [Music] For this reason, the new city should be seized. beautiful Ottoman Bala is yours , kill it as you wish we know you can

we took the bottom everywhere they can take my master, they are all scattered We don’t have much time Aktemur We will go and join the search Come and see what was wrong with Valide Sultan eyce Let’s understand destur His Holiness Valide Sultan  I didn’t expect to see you here we’ve been waiting for this day right? We pray to our Lord a lot. My Lord accepts our prayers with us. The prayers of the infidels will not be accepted. Osman’s blood sheds through Jesus. You will kill him slowly. I am not that patient. separate terms

sometimes I am full Mesut now you will pay the price of betrayal only God knows what you are waiting for, you will do it or both of your heads will be on the ground Eşhedü enla ilahe illallah ve Eşhedü enne Muhammeden abduhu ve rasulu  you came just in time, I owe you my life once again Thank you Sultan, thank you But this is not Tekin, Hearing that you are not dead, they will follow you, we have to leave here as soon as possible, thank you You are here, we are here ] Even if it’s your pain, you won’t show it. I don’t know. Come on, get up and come be careful Where is the fugitive master? He should ask you, Aren’t you the one who captured my lord Valide Sultan? I don’t know if malhun Hatun told you, now hear me well, our master Osman Sultan aladdin He wanted to dethrone ‘e and place Mesud on the throne, but he could not achieve his goal and was caught. He is a fugitive.

You never gave up, Dad, I tried, my brother is always with you, there is no protection, there would be no other way But this is not the truth, if they look for it, they will find it on me and I will carry it around for a long time I don’t even know where it is let me think about it Alaattin AlimI also forgot children You don’t follow the secret when the time comes it will be obvious to yourself

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