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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 24 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Let’s go here before anyone comes after us, what are you doing here, let’s hurry [Music] but it’s your tail, sir, we will save them all, evelallah Looks like this place is going to be a hassle Brothers will be out of everyone now Good luck [Music] brothers from herebrothers keep getting the situation, let’s come, we will download them all, we will download them to download and we will collect the whole Castle, delay the enthusiasm of brothers later, baby brothers, don’t wait, I don’t have any more nights they will come more From this side, let’s go Aykut , you want to go out, baby, we will go out, of course, we will go out. What did we not get through so that it will burn us? don’t trust him much

You say so, I’ll take that gift, we’ll see [You have a job here, bastard I’m sorry, but the only gift you’ll get today will be death Yes even more I don’] Baran songs Your account is with me Calm down, Osman Bey is your chain n me You’ll be comfortable now, Osman Bey. We ‘re all going to get out of here quietly, otherwise turn it on it’s time for your circle, come closer, you have you or , don’t worry, we’ll drive together to those places I said, we’ll get down or we’ll drive [ Music] corridor clean wolf is also in our hands, the day the fallen wolf will tear you apart is near paralyzed Don’t worry, there is no such day Osman, today is your last day [Music] you killed so many Sultan soldiers and escaped, after you die you will be remembered as a traitor Osman’a Enough is what they think ] no one here, you are Aykos lady, brother, I’ve been here

Look, Daddy, remove it, remove it, a very bad smell comes from here, pride comes out stupid , God damn it, what is this? What does the poison smell like at this time, the antidote has become certain, why do they say such a thing Why will it be called Han people? How would it be among the soldiers ? No one will know. Did you hear me thoroughly? We will announce to everyone that the Ottoman honeymoon escaped at the first light of tomorrow morning [Music] We will announce to everyone that the Ottoman honey has escaped

Did you get hurt so much in the dungeon Did your mother hurt badly? Apparently Ishmael has another plan. They were absent in the dungeon But we will not worry, we will surely find my master and honey, let’s sit down [Music] princes are in the hands of hypocrites for the cause of your mother and father Happy for you, with brave mothers who suffered for the cause of the Messenger of Allah You are the son of a brave father , they attack from every side, my sheikh, we have suffered from falling into trouble in our hearts. We stopped, but the devil is heavy, Fatma keeps asking, I can’t say anything, I’m old, I’m used to Halime, I look for the smell of Halime, my princes, you know the Battle of Uhud, you know what happened. ‘s lion, Hazrat Hamza, was martyred.

The Messenger of Allah and his army were very upset. Then , do you know which verse Allah sent it down? In verse 139 of Surah Ali Imran, he said to show laxity. i believe We will work, those whose hearts are devoted to Allah, of course, I will prevail. We will continue to fight for Allah with all our hearts Alhamdulillah, now the children will change everything. We will find Osman Bey and Bala Hatun and we will come. everything is in this What did you think I was going to save you from the court and set you free , tell me where you are, I’ll let you live, immediately scare me No gold That’s why his death with us will scare you

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