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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 3 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 3

you stay  uzmihan tied our hands and arms to our soft belly Dagger the Dagger slowly turns the screws Well, whatever you do, you will never stand still, right, the problem is the siege in front of you. time is another solution We will reach We will attack

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 3 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

but you must not forget This is not a war This is a rescue move , after entering we will separate Bala Hatun and Sheikh Edebali We will take Bala Hatun and Sheikh Edebali Boran Bey you will go to the door with the horses behind you there will be a doctor there will be a doctor with them after all the prisoners are out then we will destroy whoever there is Konya There is news from Sultan Alaaddin coup army will come here with the digging work will be finished tonight We will have entered Sisar before the Sultan comes We don’t have much time time will work against us [Music] I’m coming now they shouldn’t see you their time will come but that’s it Marta throw a balance Did the Valide Sultan call? did you bring the fabric again Yes But we’re a little late Let’s not keep the bengah’s Valide sultan waiting  opens deep space, makes fire first, slows the breath

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 3 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

it’s like a robot made of honey to snake venom to scorpion venom It’s like it’s mixed and bled. I’ve never seen it either. The auburn is stupid like the plague but it’s not [Music] [Music] is not what I’ve seen before. Why isn’t it from this land? It’s obviously not from this land. It’s been like this for days, so what kind of effect does it slowly eat away, not just him, Söğüt’ If we can’t find the cure that has surrounded everyone, we will not be able to find the cure, the Arabs, let the braves run to the ground, God forbid . I was equal, the horses are ready, and the ones in the air, I will carry them to İnegöl, at least we are ready to hit No, what will we do then? Marmara comes to see that Esman, you will meet him on the way, tell him the way, we will host him there hope

You will give account of all that he has done Ismihan The day of justice will come for you You are the one who has to answer Me babe You poisoned me and stole my seal You Tell my ancestral heirloom so that it doesn’t hurt me. You accuse me of stealing. how long you live but who knows maybe your due date is shorter than ours , do you know what is shorter? This is what you all averaged don’t see. I know how to take what’s mine for this. You can’t be as brave as me. I can’t take what I risk.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 3 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

There is death, Name Han, death, if you get what you want in the world today , there will be the peace of my Lord tomorrow [Music] don’t worry I will put you in the grave soon I will not be afraid of death Ismihan death is a death It’s not the end Obviously you’ve been deceived by this world You’ve already forgotten Sun What do you know to teach a whole lesson You see yourself so big that you try to trick me against Valide Sultan, do you dare to say that this is a courage that should be in every Muslim’s heart, sucking into a sucking game each We are not afraid of being in front of you all the time you count it as a victory because you put us in prison, and it is the position of a sweatpants prophet. Falling into the well where Prophet Yusuf fell is honor for us. Sucking is from the flesh of the pharaoh.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 3 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

and Ali [Music] cerkutay We don’t have much time Especially be quick brother Sevin, there are more passages that you said will provide carrots to Kamil By Allah’s leave, I forgot that the tunnel was closed when the soil collapsed. We will reach the hypocrite inshallah, come on [Music] Gurbuz come Gurbuz come Come on sister , it’s stronger in the day Gurbuz I couldn’t stand it how sure you are Osman’s enthusiasm for immigration that brought you here You accuse me of cruelty Your rebellion I see your name in your sucking eyes, both your fate here and the eyes in the hereafter. Your eyes are the mirror of your eyes.

Dad, Ottomans will do evil, nothing will happen unless Allah wills, my daughter is the best of those who set traps, of course, my father will bring their traps to them, too This is all for the Islamic world, the girl Osman Bey knew his heart too , he is a murderer to deal with them, the greed of Allah is a murderer , these Muslims are like Ismihan. is muslim He breaks the heart without saying “Oh” How is he a Muslim that he sheds his brother’s blood without aching heart

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