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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 4 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 4 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

I’ll take these people’s disgraced hearts My daughter, which throne will prevail against the consent of my Lord Let me tell you a story now my daughter [Music] Tariq Bin Ziyad has always been victorious, or his commander, who brought him to the rank of commander, said to stop Tariq instead of rejoicing in the spread of the Islamic cause.

But there was no reason for him to stop. He crushed the rope and said that the cause of Allah is greater than my commander , this is because the suction commander Tarık Bin did not listen to him. Here’s the thing, my daughter, it’s incompetence that breaks the ummah into pieces. However, if we remember Allah’s command that there is no fitna and only Allah’s religion remains in the middle,

if they fight the unbelievers, there will be no hostility to anyone but the oppressors, first we will unite and fight the disbelievers, O Allah, we will hold on to the rope of the world. Even if all the wicked, polytheists and hypocrites unite, they will not be able to destroy the ummah There is no defeat to the ummah holding on to the rope of Allah. Music] [Music] come back Osman Bey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I ‘m asking my uncle if you have permission [Music] What is this mouse is separating that mouse I will crush all mice [Music] [Music] [Music] I am grateful to you for this revenge of ours.

Osman does not expect to see it, he gave the castles to them with your hands, it is time to make up for it. That’s why this is the price of everything your revenge has done so far Let’s see, let’s show your skill, Osman will regret that he’s coming, we’re starting. You’re going to go somewhere else. It’s closed, this is the corridor behind the wall. Let’s see [Applause] As you said, Şami, we are on our way to the corridor. Let’s continue. [Music] [Music] Everyone should drop these handles [Music] [Music] After the doors are opened, you will take the head of anyone involved in this betrayal.

Order [Music] I said not to keep any of them, you come, but it comes to the trap, Ismihan Sultan Valide Sultan is a snake Okten Osman This time he will not be saved Throw in Osman Bey, I say sheikh is moral, there is nothing to make me ignorant , the only thing we can do from now on is to protect our head Valide Sultan There is nothing for me to do, Hatun Ökten Bey Ökten Bey, I say you are a child

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