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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 5 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

[Music] [Music] [Music] That’s my advice to you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Welcome Osman [Music] Allah Allah If you touch the honeymoon Osman [Music] ] my thing We were waiting for you too, all you will expect is your death, now we have the upper hand Osman [Applause]

Many many have won , I will defeat you such a defeat that I will defeat you in such a way that our imaginary life Osman This will not be the price for what you did [Music] Don’t worry, bring Mesut take your chick, I’ll kill you Especially in a honeymoon, hurt a woman [Music] my last warning [Music] I’ll cut that throat Your truth will stay your trust, I’ll go for the sake of the tax wave We should go for Osman [Music] You keep looking like curious chicks. she stood at the door she will hold on half of our lives Valide Sultan tugs the other half Osman, you have fun here like this don’t make me feel bad container I’ll look k i The Gate that opens to another place from here says what’s wrong, all the castles have put it in, oh wow, there will be a Secret Gate and it will be in our room. I’m just saying here, what do you want blindly,

I wonder if you are more loyal to your treasure or to the Valide Sultan. There is no other place for my treasure, there is no other , you will choose only one, says our Valide sultan Otherwise, she will always doubt her loyalty. I’m going to trap Sixth, whose loyalty is more precious than your life, You will give them all to the command of our Valide Sultan May all our property be sacrificed to our Valide Sultan [Music] My Sultan, you came here from Konya on a horse, the back is empty and Turkey is hard and Turkish Atay is a burden, people will see me on a horse, Valide They will see the power of the Sultan as I am a commander [Music] [Music] Selamunaleyküm aleyküm salam welcome to the extremes His Excellency Sultan Alaaddin Say your name You may have heard I am Turgut Bey Ulus I am here to serve you and Valide Sultan Marmara is in the open

[Music] His Highness Sultan [Music] Do you think we have not been informed that the seal of the Valide Sultan was stolen, I’m sorry, Her Highness, but the information given to you is incomplete. How do we know that your tongue is telling the truth, there is an endless army behind you, my vizier, I will say that we have not lost our minds enough to play tricks on you, my Sultan, it is dear that you go to Söğüt before marmaracık Valide Sultan says this move is the most important thing , if you love your soul a little, get out of our way marmaracık We will go to , but my Sultan [Music] father father, how did you endure so many degenerates, how did you cope with all this strife, you entrusted me with everything [Music] You deemed me worthy of the duty [Music] Let’s enlarge our inheritance so [Music

] let’s add property to the beech’s property, let’s not [Music] not coma my father alone my brother said no money should be spared my brother said I don’t hesitate to break the proverb for my effort I listened to my brother mother’s word we are alone Bahri let’s not put my father alone there was so much gold you have so much power dı [Music] is such a difficult problem to go through. What would you say? It’s hard and tough but I’ll keep walking You gave me the dominion of everyone [Music] Ask if necessary, you will know how to surrender if necessary [Music]

I will know how to be silent if necessary I will enter a war to lose, my God, you will not exist [Music] and it is time to know how to lose [Music] [Music] ] father, as long as such children are such, your grandchildren are quite [Music] is beautiful, but it is worthy to be a plane tree. Welcome, His Holiness Sultan Alaaddin As you can see, the situation is bad. This is the state of the subjects. Valide Sultan wanted you to see the situation in their house. We saw that we will see. Our life has worked hard to fight the disease in Söğüt , let’s go and see, after my thesis, we will arrive in Marmara, if you have an order, uncle, I will wait here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we will drift together or [Music] we will give up the dream of being Mevlüt for our loved ones or

We will find a third way [Music] We will go to Boran Bey Sultan Mesut like the man did, the tail is mine, please excuse my daring So, Your Excellency, the light of the Sheikh’s shoulder, you will not hang him, right ? It is up to Osman that neither Vallahi Hatun should be hanged . If he surrenders, things can change, I’m surprised at your mind. It was cruel people like you who martyred Ismihan Sumeyye [Music] But God Almighty declared their fate, their end is hell. Look who is in heaven and who is in hell. Don’t be surprised, it will be the same at the end of you, you will be deprived of copper consent, this is enough as hell for you, her daughter should not be so arrogant Sheik of good manners. What would you discipline Bala Hatun in her time, but Bala Hatun would not walk to the tree of help, of course, her longing to put Yunus in the belly of the fish is a lonely camera My Lord is in the hands of an oppressor like you Of course, it won’t put us alone,

I have full faith in this. it looks like you didn’t show it until the metal Everything that happens is ours, malhun chick, my Sultan , sit like your own property [Music] what is this Ahval ahmar is bad My Sultana Valide Sultan left the willow due to illness We will also fight a great fight, the disease will surely be stopped, the wounds will surely be healed But you know what Osman did will cause his head right [Music] make sure I didn’t mention my father’s name first, I felt the sultan, the doctors from Konya, they will arrive here quickly and help you. I have no more work here if you do not join us, you will embarrass us

[Music] [Music] My Sultan, let the taster come [Music] the head of the sultan’s seasoning Of course, it will happen if we do it like this, when your wealth is alone, the healing can be combined and poison can be poison. Open the things that will put the sultan to sleep . whole I personally took care of these preparations Sultan Come on, hurry [Music] It’s OK My Sultan [Music] I respect your decision Osman Bey, good luck, I told you from the beginning, it’s a big danger, you should have left me to die Because it will be a good move not only for you, but also for us I did n’t think of this name. If I have a right [Music] Let’s go, let’s go, it’s my fate to die from the hands of a friend while fighting the enemy.

My destiny is [Music] let’s go Osman Bey, let’s go [Music] of course let’s go [Music] [Music] get a lot of pleasure, soldiers, get ready, we will go to Marmaray, if you had some more rest, this is it he waits suddenly I don’t want to make him wait any longer [Music] My Sultan I got angry, I came from a long way to see you so tired, it will upset your mother too [Music] Marmara vicinity [Music] Sultanbeyli that the road is tired My Sultan, let’s take you to your room, rest, these are the instruments Sultan [Music] [Music] [Music] Big Sheikh will not be a business, it will be a lady It’s not a job, this black mark will never be erased from our lives. [Music] Emir Demir Keser Bey is not the kind to be cut like this, Demir is not the type to be cut like this, the chick-debauched Cem’i Turkmen will stand up and you will also think of Osman .

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] who’s there you came kanto cousinos you could tell me to come alone It was the people in Konya and Osman imprisoned us. I’m past the age to take a history lesson. Snowdrop If you have something to say, tell me otherwise you’re wasting your time, we ‘re starting you bro, cousinos Kombi He weakened Osman, the neck is now at the tip of my sword, we will destroy not only Osman but also the subject, his name is Han My alliance

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