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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 6 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Not anymore, for a while, Mongols He too, uncomfortable with the chaos in these lands, we will crush the unification. These lands will be our slaves. It will give us this power, you just woke up again, go on, I’m listening , you will listen to the rest of it, though, we’ve noticed [Music] like this Muhammad El Resul en la ilahe illallah ve Eşhedü enne Muhammeden abduhu ve resul Bey,

do you think the road is hard, let’s come too Hey brother, it’s just me and Sultan Mesut, some battles are won alone, the brain talks about all of us, thank you when we’re alone Thank you pills Seljuk State ‘s deposed sultan Mesut and his collaborator traitor Osman Saying you rebelled against Sultan Aladdin, you are with us, huh . Does the Vizier Valide Sultan know about this, no mevalide Sultan, nor Sultan Alaaddin Nobody Knows I only serve myself, you say you are an unreliable step, so as long as our interests are common,

I am the most reliable man. Many years ago, a relic was stolen in Constantinople, do you remember, we were told that the holy cross Osman had been in Jerusalem with a priest for years? The war is like this, even if it is politically or in the square, you know what the winners want, Osman wanted you to know. So why are you telling this secret now , as Gazan Khan said in his cardinal? We will unite at the command of the Turkish and Muslim lands, we will dissolve the Turkish and Muslim unity in these lands, they will be our slaves.

as well as the Intruder So when the whole war is over we will be ready. You wanted Mesut here [Music] you wanted me here I am threatening me with my honey and my thing Here I come

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