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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 7 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Malhun chick! You’ve finally arrived, but if you don’t allow it now, famine will begin! I will resurrect the trade that you have disgraced and disgraced! The decision is yours. If you give me the dominance of the market, you can say it in front of the people now, I will bring the whole caravan to Yenişehir with a word tomorrow.

If you say no, you will drag your own people into misery. The decision is yours. Robust Alpine! Take care, Valide sultan. Don’t be fooled by what you see. Both Pazar and Yenişehir are under our rule! We have nothing to give to anyone! Stay tuned, Malhun! – May you exist! May Allah never take you from us! Alps! Distribute the supplies to the people! Selamun aleykum. Aleykum salam. – Aleykumselam. His Excellency the Sultan, Dursun Fakıh and Alaattin Bey, awaits his presence. Hold everywhere! Don’t come to me until you find it! Osman… If I don’t put this rope around your neck too!

You did this even though you knew I had your child in my hand! I will put this rope around his neck before you do! I have a job to do before I leave Konya, His Excellency. I’ll deal with it first and come back. What could be more important than leaving Konya right now, Osman Bey? My Sultan, I left my son hostage in the palace to save you. I’ll take it first, this is the most important for me. Thank you Osman, thank you. Don’t worry, my alps will take you to a safe place. When I take my child, I will come directly to you. Osman, what are we going to do? Don’t worry, you’ll be on the throne again. But first, you need to gather power for your throne to be legitimate. That’s why no one should know where you’re going. Let the driver stop. Let’s continue. Stop!

Where do you go! You go, I’ll handle it. Son… Aladdin. Enough sir! Oh right! Allahu Akbar! Oh right! Oh right! Oh right! Oh right! – Oh right! son! son. Father. – Vote! Would I ever put you next to them! Will your father leave you alone, son? You may exist. You may exist. Open! Did the sultan realize his mistake, the vizier? Osman kidnapped Mesut. If you had convinced that stupid boy in time, I wouldn’t have allowed it, vizier! You watched me throw me in the dungeon!

Gazanhan’s anger will burn all of Konya! Before Han burns Konya, he asks for our incompetence! Now you will go and find them, you will kill both Samagar Mesut and Osman! What does Valide Sultan know? – Nothing. I sent a messenger, he will soon find out. Now, don’t worry about these things, think about how you will kill Osman and Mesut. By the god of heaven, I will lead them to one spear! Salevi, the glorious Mongolian commander.  We have to solve this issue without announcing it to Gazanhan. Otherwise, there will be neither an end nor Konya. Stone on stone does not put head on head! Solve it.

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