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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 8 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

You would not enter this palace that belongs to me! How will you get out now! We are here so that this place is not yours, we know how to get it. Catch it! You know what to do! Boran Alp! It’s a state matter, let’s stay cool and don’t spill blood! Not until he surrenders this life, Mr. Bayındır! While this head is in your possession, that soul does not stay in your body long! Surrender, Osman! Surrender so I can give you one more night to breathe. Actually, I won’t even let you breathe. Nuker! I am the great commander Samagar! Nöker called those under my command! Nöker… Nöker, take his sword! Osman Bey… Whatever happens to him always comes from this madness. Bayındır, aha, that madness has spread to all of our blood . Repentance astaghfurullah! Come on, take them to the dungeon! stop! They’re in the yard! I have good ideas for Osman and his alps. Take these, come on! Sir! –

Sir! Let go! Sir! Leave! They have crossed the border, my sultan! Such impunity – Who told you that they will go unpunished, Bengi lady? Don’t I ask you to account for what you’ve done… The time will come for all of them. This happens because Osman Bey does not exist! Let’s get to the mansion from thesis, let’s walk! Let’s go, come on! The shopkeepers got the news, my sultan, now let Malhun chick think. What will happen my sultan? These are bazaar tradesmen, why do they gather? You used to say they would go unpunished, Bengi Hatun. I inflicted the greatest punishment on them. You used to say that you would say your words in the presence of our sultan. You say your reason for coming informally. We have come to warn His Excellency about a counter set up for him. Forgive me, my Sultan, but what presumptuous goat herder can know and inform us of a trap that we cannot see .

His majesty, the vizier! First of all, speak by weighing your words. The son of Osman Bey, whom you call a goat herder, is Alaattin Bey, whom Sultan Alaattin personally sent signs and set free. Look at our Fakıh Dursun… Would you rise from the rank of jurist and rank yourself as a vizier? Vizier, let me hear your words. Alaattin Bey, tell me who set up a bench. This is such a trap that it is necessary to say to you, His Excellency, the sultan. Who is on whose side is unknown. You say that you will say that there is no one here that I do not trust. Your Excellency, you can trust whatever you want, but when he is on the throne, you cannot trust even your blood relatives . You know this best. He is the nephew of Sultan Alaattin Sultan Mesut. Sultan Mesut was always with us. He did everything he could to make the ends strong. But this went to the power of İlhanlı. For this reason, they turned against him and put Sultan Alaattin on the throne.

We will find Sultan Mesut and put him on the throne. How are we going to do it, dad? This task will be yours. Everybody out. My Sultan- If you repeat what I said again, it will be your end. My Sultan, which move of yours will provoke the Ilkhanid commanders towards you? I got everyone out. If you want me to hear you, tell me without cheating, Alaattin. Otherwise, I leave the savings to the queen. As you see fit, His Excellency the Sultan. They want to dethrone you. They want to take you down and put your uncle Mesut on the throne again. Who? Who are those imbeciles? I will ask them to account for what they have done! I will regret them! They will regret not only me but also what they did to you and your daughter! I look forward to that day. Your Excellency Valide Sultan. You won’t wait long, Bengi Hatun… First I’ll buy the bazaar and then the mansion from them! My Sultan, your power has no limits. You could easily get what you wanted now. Why are you waiting? Instead of stopping the caravans, you can own the whole market with one order!

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