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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 9 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Attack! After I kill you, your lands will come under our rule. Like a black cloud, I will descend upon your homeland! I will break the hand of anyone who touches my ring! The oily rope will go around your neck! Even if I have a rope around my neck, I built it… But you are a coyote even when you die. Especially when I stand up, then I will ask you all to account! Selamun aleykum. – Aleykumselam. The son of Osman Bey, the patron of the Turkmens, Şehzade Alaattin. He wants to go to the office of Sultan Alaattin and talk about an important event.

How long have you been coming to the palace without a license, Dursun Fakıh? Did you forget the dasturu when you reached the extremes from Konya? Do not be offended, Alaattin Bey, the sultanate is not like a principality. The size of our palace is proof of this. I hope you were not offended by this greatness? Greatness is possible with fuyluk vizier. We would like to welcome you there as soon as the enemy is in our mansion. But get out of our way now, the issue is important. Guards! open the door. Just let me. Wow Osman, wow … Let him look at you. There will be a day when things turn around and you will be defeated by Bayındır, whom you despise. Margrave Osman… The rule of the jackals… is until the wolves stand up. Do not resist Osman, you will die! Zinhar! They will stay alive! Don’t try to take my prey from me, Baylor! Come on.

I’ll take your head in front of the Valide Sultan! Orders are strict! Why is that? Obalar trust Osman, if we kill him now, they will think of us as enemies. First we will announce your treachery, then we will eliminate it! Stop your men! It grabs the arm that pulls the hyena out of its way! This is the last Mister! Catch him! Catch it live. Wardars, our lord is in trouble, come on! Enough sir! You want to come as a guest and be a host, your majesty Valide Sultan! No! You will stand there! I will not allow you to covet my master’s trust! Honey, calm down! – Let go Malhun! You make things difficult! – Can’t you hear what he’s saying! Not now… – Now! Get out! honey! – Malhun get off! Arrest these infidels! – Alps! Get out of my way! – Not now! Now! Honey, what do you do! The Valide in front of you is the sultan! If the Valide Sultan is in front of me, this is Osman Bey’s mansion! I’m your hat too!

We do not deliver the escrow to anyone. We do not hesitate to take our lives for this cause! Soldiers! Sir! Give an order, I ‘ll take their heads, my sultan. You save your own head first, Bala. – You let it go. Download pusats. Alps. Masallah. Mashallah… Now I understand where Osman’s brain power comes from. Bala Hatun, I would be very disappointed if you stayed silent and sat down under my words . What are you trying to say, Valide sultan? Let’s just say I wanted to see who was braver. I saw that I would. I am very pleased. Take care, Valide Sultan. Don’t be fooled by what you see. My eyes are never wrong, Malhun chick. May you visit me as soon as possible, Bala lady. I would like to know you better. Osman! You stand helpless like a trapped deer! When the deer mountain is conscious, you become the prey, not the hunter.

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