Mavera Episode 2 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing By Maher TV

Mavera Episode 2 With Urdu

Maveraya Journey

The TV series “Mavera”, which tells about the epic presence of Hace Ahmet Yesevi, the essential known mystic of history, meets the group this evening. Mavera Episode 2 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing By Maher TV Before the essential scene broadcast, Mavera performers and the manager of the series, Doğan Ümit Karaca, got together on the TRT 1 YouTube account and evaluated the series. Boss Doğan Ümit Karaca offered thanks to the TRT family for their assistance.

Mavera bunch evaluated the series

Korel Cezayirli, who accepted the piece of Hace Ahmet Yesevi in ​​the cast of the series, evaluated the series as follows:

“For a performer, portraying a recorded individual is both useful and disadvantageous. There are various resources for gathering information about a chronicled character, yet since it is a lived character, everyone has assumptions. Keeping this assumption on one side of the scale and changing the creation is a delicate task.”

“We made huge decisions in a short period of time”

Mavra’s boss, Doğan Ümit Karaca, underlined that the arranging framework experienced in various manifestations was done in a very short period of time in Mavera. Mavra Episode 2 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing By Maher TV Karaca explained that yet the plan collaboration was outstandingly limited similarly as both concentrated and stream, the difficulties were overpowered with the picked names.

Mavera Episode 2 With Urdu

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Ferit Kaya, who plays Tekke’s teacher Mervan, the longing character of the series, aid that they made fundamental decisions on the whole:

“I had an individual who gave up to his mischievousness and goal that was not on the extraordinary side, who kept his craving ahead. He is the teacher of the tekke, but some spots we see that they assist with the trip the caliph for goal and power, and they partake in non-severe issues.”

“We formed the individual with the gathering”

Tansel Öngel, the Naci of Innocent Apartment, said that Mahmud’s individual, which he portrayed in the series, is actually an episodic individual:

“We see the fantasy on the center’s face. If the boss acknowledges, it isn’t difficult to get it. There was such a gathering that the group, interlocked from the set-maker to the tea-maker, from the lighting maker to the camera bunch, achieved an uncommon congruity and arrangement. Mavera Episode 2 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing By Maher TV We found the method of showing guts and talk about the individual. This individual wouldn’t have changed into this if my associates didn’t maintain it. ”

“We gained ground due to the master bunch”

As opposed to various manifestations, Mavera shot 26 scenes before it was conveyed and they battled once in a while considering the way that they couldn’t measure the group reaction to a series that was not conveyed, Öngel said, “We considered Mavera a film, we will see the reaction and appreciation with its conveyance.”

Görkem Sevindik, who gave life to the character of Sarı Saltuk of the series, communicated that they were anxious to see the result in an endeavor that he savored the experience of undoubtedly, and said that they couldn’t make an extraordinary preparation for his individual, yet that they gained ground by virtue of the master bunch.

“An undertaking worth your piece”

According to Pehlivan Hamza of the series, Hasan Küçükçetin, the group will follow a substitute story due to the correct heading and the master bunch:

“In the series, they will see how people get into the mud, how Hâce Ahmet and his sidekicks rise up out of the mud. There is no work or frivolity.

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