Mavera Episode 3 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing By Maher TV

Mavera Episode 3 With Urdu

What are you waiting for’? Take him! We captured Osman, sir. They Nare bringing him then as you ordered. This is the day of lhe elephants. The day of the elephants is second. Drink to hell. Osman And are you the demon of hell? You will recognize if I am the demon of hell or Azrael. Eyvallah. Allah is Everlasting’Allah is Veracious! Take Osman outdoor! Snappily! Quickly! Close the door now! Three Turks came together with Osman, Flatyos is taking care of that, joe. Osman. Come on! Accelerate up! Accelerate up and ruin the door! You need to not come to this citadel so regularly. I had been thinking approximately it, are you a victim of your very personal ambition on?

Ι Will come greater continuously.

Until you get out of this fortress. You’ll come greater constantly. I find it irresistible. Accelerate up Osman, I do not comprehend if you are nervous, but. You’ll die in a second They taught us to live like this, Nicola. Like you are about to die at any second. Like you are about to Ndie at any second, huh? I discovered numerous trouble about Turks. I collected all of the statistics. It is capable of emerging as Na e-book this skinny

Mavera Episode 3 With Urdu Hindi

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And I’ll maintain crawling towards my factual purpose.

We all know Nicola wishes time. You want to seize that we want that time too, Osman You do not have any time to help. While you’re speaking about peace then, might you believe me if I instructed you they were going to hit us? Where did you get this news, Osman? It would not count. Just pay attention to me. Enough, Osman! You got then to my feast uninvited that day. I didn’t say something to you for the sake of your father, uncle, and your sisters. Still, in case, you try to help me and in case you do something that might deposit peace in chance.

Say it canine! Osman. Say it canine!!

What might you do? Say it! Osman. Osman. You assume they promise us peace and we innocently agree with it, right? Brother No, Osman. It’s not like that. They will not assault Sogut while we are speaking roughly peace I’ll attack lnegol. At the same time as your uncle and brother are speak me roughly peace. So, that’s your plan, huh? Yes I came then to give this news these days. This is a fully dangerous plan, Yavlak Arslan You ask my uncle and me to visit the castle of a man who is injured from his heart. Moreover, you’re making plans in the reverse of their lower reverse. Do not worry, Savci Bey.

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