Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing By Maher TV

Mavera Episode 4

Ahmed Yesevi was brought into the world in Siram a spot close to Kazakhstan’s city of Sikkim. His date of birth isn’t known however he kicked the bucket in 1166 in Turkistan’s city of Yasvi. His name depends on his city name which was prepared converged with the Islamic world even before his introduction to the world. Numerous occupants of the city were at that point accepted Islam while there were as yet numerous. Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed Bolum 1 Mavera Urdu Dubbed Turks who never accepted Islam. There were individuals having various religions in the Yesvi city as well as other adjoining urban communities too. So there stays a threatening climate between the Muslims and heathens and never consented to join together and that is the circumstance when Ahmed Yesevi opened his eyes.

Maveraa Journey Upto Bagdad

I’m going to tell you a story. A story heard by no ears, seen by no eye a story left to be forgotten within the ashes of time. Story of four-man that rides their horses towards the unknown. Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed Bolum 1 Mavera Urdu Dubbed Four lonely, orphan, and solitary men. The first one of the four-man, the first traveler the diamond of the sea of knowledge, Hadji Ahmed. His companion, Mahmud. Mahmud, who gave his life in order to be a loyal friend.

Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed


Bagdad is a dangerous for us now

Pehlivan Khamza from the past, who raised them since they were child and the struggling Dervish of the present, Also me. Arslanbab’s son, Mansur. Mansur, follow us, come on. Or you are going to be lost around here. I’m coming right away. My late father, Arslanba was the teacher of Hadji and the others. Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed Bolum 1 Mavera Urdu Dubbed When he passed away, I followed after Hadji Ahmed. While I was leaving the lands I was born behind, and taking shelter in the safe haven of Hemedani Hadra and while going too far lands with Hemedani Hadrath’s orders, I did not hesitate.

Mavera Episode 4


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