Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23

This infidel of Mark has also suffered the wrath of our sword at angles. We have taken our revenge, if your sword does not fail, the Sultan is happy for you. There is an angel worships At last he has stood up this is my son that my brother got up thank god thank god he asks you have dust for crane We have plunged our vengeance into the tree, and we do not have a painful task waiting for it. It’s the right time to press a fingernail and Alemdar is worried about his safety. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23 with Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Our sultan transferred the whole matter of Greetings to Believe me, you will save a new order this year shaman hard my responsibility Thank you, I’m happy, but he knows better not to call our father. If you come to buy this Zehra, she will see the man. She is the most with me on my happiest day. He is the person I want to be, I wonder if my heart will be deprived again.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23 Full Urdu Hindi Dubbed ( Server 1 )

Don’t hurt the soul this Markus emperor long very important.

This my heart is dripping your heart will break from carrying it, of course, one day will come, you will get this storm on your head o yes now is the right time for this we’ll wait o i’ll let you know. Thank God he got up safely o Alevi Bey, get well, other than that, final back to back shoulder to shoulder We’ll all go together I know this angered you by the opening of Ana’s grave. He doesn’t have to believe in the ice either, don’t ferment your pain for me inside, I’ve endured hard for you I mean, he gave the opportunity, it’s a joke. It’s a joke this year. I have suffered the temperament, we have no other choice but to take our angle and put our trust in it. else tell that mother the opposite of the. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23 with Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Black Mountain I used to like the height download I’m in the shower As soon as he tries to do things that will set us against each other again, he should not kiss him so that he will too.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23 Full Urdu Hindi Dubbed (  Server HD )

Would it be difficult to forgive ourselves?

The one that he gave is that we lost to the Black holy spear with his death Too bad if we don’t get it in line with the holy body of Christ too Empire and wanting kingdoms don’t forgive Pizza This Melikşah did you send us our meeting proposal? We must agree with the king on the holy spear and take it. Otherwise, we must take the Emperor to our banana. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Seljuk soldiers are brand new all around. Tell the men they’re still looking for the rest of their men and tell them Marx’s find their territory and tell them to run away from where they are New or If it fell into the hands of the Seljuks, everything he knew with his anger towards us. He can tell, in a way, let them kill in a month. You can order, sir. subscribe Music I’m Azra, if you rest, we will worship you, is it my father’s turn to attend his room? Look, everyone will talk about the expedition preparations that I’m standing see you subscribe this does not exist, your father found it for you while he was in the workshop That day you didn’t tell me why. Why did you hit me?

Isn’t he dead now? Didn’t you know?

I wanted to open my mother’s grav.e This Teach him too, thinking that he is teaching him, and he got angry like this for nothing. You don’t chase anything, why is it to have your mother’s grave opened? When my uncle came to a poor palace, my father hid from everyone. He told me I had a brother and that that man might still be alive. he said and when it all comes together let it go but i couldn’t stop but how did my uncle know that you have a brother he took it out that he said both times but you know me that poisoned. Tea I made a mistake believing these, yo what’s up subscribe What do you think, what happened every subscriber this time either gold is not sick, he worships, he is not sick. Didn’t he come at that time But you Elçin Altun Didn’t you get hot on your arm with this crane chick We threw all these platinum lamps with the cannon all this time, the tests of the poison already passed subscribe subscribe Something hidden behind this issue there may be, there is, there is, there is, there is, the poison has already passed the tests, you know, foot girl, what does it mean, golden lady?  When I saw you in the palace, I didn’t look like Alparslan for nothing. But you are also Melikşah’s son. Are you okay, maybe newspapers?

I want to gather you at my hunting table and discuss the state of the state?

This can’t be real, it’s entrusted to God, show me are you okay maybe newspapers  house After this video When I stand up, my head is in trouble This is the time, come on, Desire goes to the room. But you are one of the most Turkmen tribes we are one of the important lords What di. But let’s stop this bad trend all together Sultan Melikşah just won the victory today and is at the head of the sick elements. He killed him and you talk about his bad going, His Excellency Melih, a couple of times. Uncle, would you think that the Crusaders, the Byzantines, the superstitious, the good ones will stand? they will be found in the russians, comfortable hard, an existing order is insufficient, this state The Oghuz wolf is united around a strong one again. but we must save this state was established in blood, again with blood when necessary the name of this sultan’s back is preserved, the case is great bodies require, we can’t afford to pay these prices, you’re fine.

Malik Shah will take revenge from batani

You say that you have gathered us with your intention, but your words are rebellion against the Sultan. a little chain that arrives if we don’t on this road If I called you here so you could talk about the hairy. But you both Without Toure, you’re insolent, Melih has only one job, how can you like this. Silence is talking together and calling for sedition, not when it comes to an issue. No one is important to me, so that you can teach me now. If my word is listened to at my table, they will shut up the one who comes out a lot, if you ask me You made the fitna hungry, but you should know that the love on this table is for us. It is haram, yes, this is the physics you offered us. Your answer is, know that there is Sultan Melikşah greater than you Yes, he will be saved. only no saves we are always behind him When this time comes, I will blame you for the cost of it. I’m still there implying the catapults ordered one to be re-established.

Tapar malik will make the trick for bazantine nation

This sataya will start, I promise you, it’s your work that makes you cry. I want, you command, my Sultan, you command, Sultan I sent names Sultan to clean up the remaining men of that brand And the responsibility is in vain, Sencer Bey, there is not a single word about the crusaders in our land. let there be no circuit, let them all be destroyed Music This is my Sultan Piraziz akyos He sent a letter, what is this heresy, on the holy spear offers to deal with it available to you requests a meeting where you see we take the life of this brand Our passing with this holy spear caught fire. So what’s your answer? you will say, my sultan, we have this last June ifia in the Christian realm. I will create Azra to get it back and if we want ready to give Obviously, O time. We also want something big from him, and then Are you going to meet Sultan, I will meet in this group, not in the palace. If she accepts she’ll go straight up strong and show me what she brought back just start these preparations speaking What do you think I’m embarrassed subscribe subscribe, this is my sultan, first news to you from here had been banana 7 this Sencer brain today has bull this I mean, you will be the father of your rights like this, you will be the father of your rights. good luck, that’s the sultan in the breasts.

Sancer and Abdullah make a dead rope

You too will participate in my muruvvet As you can see, he would rape like this. With your permission, this sentence is of the Turkmen lords. I would like to collect them too. You dropped aces in the water. Turkmen gentlemen are very important, one of them It is necessary to keep it in unity, and the master of the Kınık tribe should do it. May it be a toy that will strengthen our unity, my peace, Sencer Sultan. If you allow, I would like to participate in paint on behalf of our dynasty, just new be on your feet, you need to rest, i’m fine like this, sultan Besides, on a day like this, Mr. Sencer won’t leave you alone, it’s been a long time. I don’t see it too. It will be good to have a chat. subscribe Mr. Uğur Let it be as you say, you go too You can get these hands off These Sencer orders water more subscribe subscribe I hope you will get your children as soon as possible. I hope that they will never be separated from their children, and they will also live for the rest of their lives. their fathers will not be missing. Huh. I am our state and you fished me. Sultan O, what I learned from you is to the sons of L. I will be a mother. I wish he doesn’t experience the pain that I went through as a father.

Kamach the great person of Malik Shah

Piroglu March years at the turn of apfel Lose the one I gave you I did it for your e-mail and when your grandson heard it, it’s like he heard about it May he be happy, you missed this trace memory. But when you see my father in his absence, I’m stressed so you don’t have to look for him. I will try now, come on, good work will not wait for the game, your sons will be born We’ll be one with your Army girls oh ohhh if this sizarsa so far ablution You receive, you pray, you give alms, but each of these it consists of a form, what is a mourning, what is the master of it, this is to make ablution Zahir To purify the ignorance of the people with term truths, the nail is prayer. to perform is to obey the imam and maybe. Line is to obey the imam it is to protect its secrets, to give zakat, to give knowledge to the members of the esoteric to go on a pilgrimage is to visit the deputy of the supreme imam. they forbade us forward we were told it was harmful You always like this.

Kamach the brave of the serayi

You will remain deprived and ignorant Uncle did it on purpose and buy these foods What is it? It comes from the blessings of those who have a foundation. We will never be poor. We don’t stay you will not be ignorant and deprived Come on let me come on, thank you dad daddy, you go door to door and try to win Refik, but in gazali Durmaz sees everyone here, then try to win her heart all the time. beside him, let’s know what to do and prevent accordingly shells wave after wave this rising dress you will so now Sword Fearing that it was a game to free Hasan, he killed him and took the holy spear. Spent turkey, the nominal heart and fold increased in the Islamic world Damla people While we were changing our ranks, this did not happen everything, but I got such information that We can destroy the reputation of Melikşah with that certain horse. But think about it first. you’re flowing, it’s mobile meat, come on, come on, the devil called Markus we took him, the crusaders inflicted his wrath Turnam Kutlu let me get some news your sword will not be cut, come to give a blessed news and outside in front of us, I’m not behind, let’s do this lesson Ya I always reach you but halay But you know, since my father’s death, my mind always increases things, I go there hello you will still be when you settle in You be a customer sherem Zara is a new.

Bashalo Missed a husband for prosperity of develet

The order will be assigned, the pain will be related to safety, my heart will be at ease on your face. We have endured hardships, we have survived many hardships, I will not stop, I will always put you in my head. He looked at my heart like a wooden board. I think the East is the namesake of my teacher. How will you be with these children I hope all exchanges Darkness always We came out to each other, thank God, our love is always strong for us, so much suffering His reward is to reach Mustafa around a hearth, I go and play the game. event sentence related to the preparations Turkmens future moment glorious video banana I hope it will happen, my lady and sister will come to buy you, tomorrow you will always be a home of snow in my heart Subscribe to be my room Subscribe to this my Sultan, instead of hungry rats Our pilgrims namzet, who will go to the Holy Land to bring how will the edicts be prepared for the pilgrimage convoy Safety on the way to the pilgrimage Let the measures be taken, the intention of the convoy is very important Good luck to this holy land Is there any sentence so that the confidence of Muslims in our State will not be shaken?

This is Abu Hamid Ghazali

Ferman is for you, of course, preparations when I return without meeting with his battery get it done subscribe have a problem this is Ghazali what doesi, if you allow me, I would like to benefit from his conversation. I’m not throwing, I couldn’t recognize you. attack Hadımköy, your name is equal, Merchant Effendi, come in. What is it to be two people than that dog? It is clear in the name of these things that this madrasah to be built will be quite Every job first starts with a dream. What a great help in providing aid to anyone receiving digestive support for charity. The dishonorable Arda of a person whose language of foresight is pouring out such aphorisms makes us sad. He is very pleased with the actions of scholars and students. they come, we know that countries with a lot of steam are about I’m Selim Zar’s unfortunate luck will change with a scholar like you. Scholars like you who found the truth through reason they take into account If you give permission, this madrasah that will be built is also mine.

Ghazali the great schoolar of isfahan

Turning towards the direction he is pointing is meant to be between us, so the Merchant Effendi Cansu from a hand we don’t know, from a spring whose source you don’t know You wanted to change the Baki. So how do you make the treasure Bee and The help of our state, which we know to be clear, is enough for us, you have that gold. Peace be upon you Tic this gazali. This Hurricane, your flowers make me welcome, my brave girls, you brought me joy. God followed us from childhood, you raised us all as brave gold You have been a mother, we are always at your service with our hearts and our horses. Madam, this Zübeyde Hatun sent her own army around her. Gathered and strengthened, you are still there to supply us with health soldiers I couldn’t, it will be done, even if it wasn’t soon, leave it, babe this is the internship we will be in Ordu, you will be the customer, not missing Image What did you do about this application Hatun issue? All I know is hacen men He kept watch around the graves at home and there are great secrets in that grave.

What to follow?

Do what you know, is it my Hurricane flowers, maybe he grew it in his land They will be here with me, these Seljuk chicks will be on the rope of our state. Clenched fists of steel are God to harm subscribe subscribe subscribe this sponge brain was born today at his father There is our sultan, they will not be able to participate, together with the money, we were also naive. Hey, you think best, urgent this is the son of our sultan, he is the son of our dynasty, he will do it on this blessed day he should feel well, don’t worry, it’s a good fit for us, congratulations Subscribe to puzzle I am very happy that Hatun and Sence Bey got married that day, but it hasn’t healed yet. Is it right for us to go? Why are you so insistent and he is leaving ha ha father god bless us both will come, and how will I recover? It’s good for us to go. Come on, the words he said to us don’t bode well. we did not find this is not Salih but it is clear that he will cause more trouble against our sultan around here. Your attitude towards this Melik is the only job, you have been right, coal Bey.


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