Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24

First of all, let me consult with Sancar and the application Hatun. Let’s see if there is a situation or situation that they suspect. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 Urdu Hindi Dubbed He might know I’ll keep an eye on him too o Sultan Melikşah appointed Sencer as the head of the Turkmen chiefs o Will the Turkmen plains settle around Kuver Castle? hu hu hu do you know what it means, marriage made an unexpected mother Obalar kuver If it settles in its vicinity, they will not let us breathe, give it barku. Its castle belongs to Güllüşah. to thwart this move this will take the heads of Sencer Bey and Turkmen beys Look look, I’ll tell you the secret place where they will meet on Tuesday, the soldiers will raid there and They will kill them all. What will happen when they do this?

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 Full Urdu Hindi Dubbed (Server 1)

  • You will remove it We Yes, let her tell by measuring and weighing their __ Zübeyde Hatun but we are only after these truths this Melikşah told the truth to everyone, even if there is a secret, you should learn it without opening io Melikşah directly with this and this work we do we will commit offenses against each other when we return to the palace subscribe to be asked for that account subscribe this French qos Good news Melikşah the holy spear our Lord in heaven sent to our prayers replied subscribe Is he on the ground with the horror of our wrath? our creeping enemies are finally on their way God be with us from now on He cried for us and for our father too. subscribe it I’m so thirsty we sent the holy spear so it has reached the second one of your will Questioning is not to my heart But I wonder if I return the holy spear to them How to raise the speed from send to your bosom with our vengeance etc.
  • Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 Urdu Hindi Dubbed (Server HD)

  • But did you follow us Zübeyde.

  • Did you think that when the two of you left the palace, the lady wouldn’t be affected? How to open the grave of this application dirb always above you You brought this from a disgraced thief, one of you, my Sultan, one of you Melih’s stop the chick, look at the x that you’re trying to be your GB how dare you do this with the house adores his father so it’s opposite didn’t it fall these accounts Hi guys only job application Hatun still a mistake who said he might be alive a son from our sultan Did he hide it from everyone when this happened?
  • shahbender nikolas

where did they kill this shahbender nikolas and make software for you what brand Church wanted to use us in Submission to his wishes is fine He did these But you counted the rescue no but. You saved me but you don’t have to help I don’t want to disturb your father’s peace At least you’re unclaimed, considering where this Shah Ben died Those Hairs will follow you and want to kill you. he had bad things in the past, but we sweat so that we can find life This is Aslantaş, so that you can tell the lower ones, the witch pictures For those who go of their own accord It will stay that long. Your order will be. Thank you, Mr. Sencer. yes let’s see This view and other works under this issue. maybe it’s better, what happened under the issue as long as we stayed in the robo? we will understand subscribe He is with me, I will meet with the Turkmen gentlemen, not you, of course. be relevant. This crane is a healer for those who seek healing. Yes, now it is worthy of helping Deli. subscribe this But if you say no help it I will find different healers, this is the healer and Beyhan finally I will do my part Music subscribe this worshiper sencere the ziggiri that I gift he could see and the work may have been dirty he wouldn’t have asked so many questions out of the blue in the words of one job before you get hurt he wanted to have his tomb opened, there is still the curiosity that awoke in him If it has not passed, if there is such a news branch, this tapar is approaching step by step. So it’s true, but still, it’s almost like a glass I don’t think it would be a mistake to check it before I see the move.


We want to ask you a question, should we bring it to the room or not? It is obvious that that girl is still doing delicious prayers from home, who knows, with the crusaders. what were your hands doing, they were taken prisoner, now they’re miserable right to heal us As soon as it falls, you call it healing and cure again Turna gold tells the truth urf There is no need to put the push into the camp bro if you take him to a hospital Aslantaş, I will take him. What do you think you did? You will decide whether you have to destroy me subscribe Music and it’s all we don’t want to be taken vulgarly This is your father, sir, for me, I’ll perform. Here you go, Omar. subscribe subscribe this video is a victim Melike this comes to our door and then we We’re going to call someone, what are you going to do? or Necla, I will do whatever the body is, subscribe Let this Ibrahim go to the oba, Aslantaş will be your order, Mr., this caliph has commanded His Holiness Subscribe to my sultan.


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