Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25

He’s going to live it, this is the half that hurts my heart. Troll And respect, when I saw you, he was as happy as my son. I am very thirsty. There is a bad news. A pilgrimage convoy was attacked on the road. coffee house this is unfortunately the sultan, all of them were martyred. A lone Emir brought your crown to the palace with 3 wounds. We are the fault of doing this. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Urdu Hindi Dubbed He will pay more, I said download the convoy, how can he account for it to the world of Islam? how will we give  that Sultan Melikşah trusted you and gave you such an important task.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Full Urdu Dubbing (Server HD)

Fortunately, our sultan He didn’t punish us

She was interrupted at BİM, and she rebels. uprising bell person i’ll go after this ’cause it’s your bird your recovery and uprising is not a matter of waiting We are asia suffering e This Sencer Bey was murdered below, whom Marx sent to find his men. An examination was made, but they could not find Mahsun’s men, our sultan did this. He had given his responsibility to our brains, sorry we have to find his men. from where these horses were killed We will find lots of poke curtains. You can explain the situation to our brain Bozkuş. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Come on brothers let’s hit the road it subscribe This Muharram 206 __ made this treacherous in exchange for your holy spear. Our response must be even harsher, my sultan, this time a permanent We will respond, we will place Turkmen tribes around the dome. Like a window to the disappointment, the sign will blockade strong our forces will always be stationed there.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Full Urdu Dubbing (Server 1)

Dynasty nabiza Are you going to give them?

You’re welcome, Commander I’m a kid brother, how is it Zübeyde How are you? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. He sends you the red days you went out together while you were there, Longing made you cry he missed me so much I even did this today when your words are in play Thank you, my brother Berkcan, it came to you to rob yourself This is my Atam Selcukgazi equivalent Alanya Others are also beautiful You gave it to me, it always stays with you isn’t it or places no, when your father is a sultan, when the head is gold, entrust the voyage to me But why is it given to its members only they what does it mean every Yes, something like that. But you don’t exist, it turns out, Girl, the one you gave is not only a key, but an Aunt too. Is there anyone who can easily recognize Men Sultan? subscribe this selcuk, i reached him and he bought it from you they are taking one of you princess I sent you news but they killed me I brought you bro what news appearances.

Wouldn’t he have taken care of his son, who was a woman, like my brothers?

I want to get away from the world it means killing, it’s ordering us to kill, it’ll be a shame for that 150 subscribe or huh Physics I this is Shahbender’s clerk o What did they do to you, what are you going to do this month folk songs whatever subscribe, you open, we cleaned the window We will have to take it there on this TV, then let Sencer Bey decide what will happen. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Urdu Hindi Dubbed this is Aydogdu night bro subscribe yes yes And I go to nature Brothers if we killed Markacity and took it holy They attacked the hungry caravan, gathered the Turkmen beys, my sultan, and He told you something to persuade the Turkmen gentlemen to tell you to meet. Shall we give it to you. It will send some news. This winter this for example download very well It will strengthen what we know and strong abukay we will take all the gentlemen want to come complete all sorts of things, as they are the ones who will only give visions to this meeting place. the danger must be taken into account, Aslantaş will notify me when he returns without searching in the couplets. Do I have your order? Subscribe As you said, my father is a son, why would he hide it, he makes an archaeologist.  There may be reasons in the matter that we do not know, mamelek. I’m going to settle this matter Daddy, if I learn the name of Rule I’m afraid we’ll wait until Emirdağ gets well, he will handle this matter properly. Also, maybe it’s not the truth, it’s a site of my uncle.

If there is truth, this job Lover teacher

There is only one way and don’t let that chief son have his grave opened I have my father’s currency It’s stuck just because of this Now you’re something like this If I come, my father will be very angry, my beautiful daughter, don’t worry, nobody’s soul I will solve this issue without hearing, and your mother doesn’t know us, I don’t watch we walk in the snow don’t tell me what this is firstly the answer to talk to a gem Music it does subscribe, what has happened, our Sultan of Sencer is Turkish Hello, it has decided to be placed around the inkwell and me too. He said it was his duty or something to arrange this, I will gather all the gentlemen tomorrow. Well, will the gentlemen accept this, leaving their cheeks and winter coats? will they go there, how much loyalty to our sultan is to me It is difficult to accept their relocation, even if they show But what to do and what to do to the screen factors The subject is still a challenging task. If he waits, he will win in every struggle, in the way of truth, the truth will protect you. For this reason, the name is comfortable, he knows that he will win again, and always shoulder to shoulder. We are on our shoulders, what is your problem, what is your burden, you will share it together together, we will shoulder all your troubles and make things right.

Sultan Melikşah

It turns out that the application is Hatun and if there is a secret, Hanedan Sultan Melikşah revolts, his reign is endangered application Hatun and secret son almost a threat to our sultan If necessary, we must eliminate the application Hatun and her secret son. Even the reign of this kingship is in danger. Besides, this issue is on his plate. endanger his future. Whatever we do, we should solve this issue. If there is such a secret, we will take all necessary precautions accordingly. we’ll get it tomorrow you’ll first open the grave of your empty son If there is no knit for this then there is a secret son in the application life it means.  This is given to members of the House only they are the ones with the plague that our children have the same affection we have.

Sultan Aziz

Let them be brothers with comrade Cenk, I hope turkey he is lying against We have landed, you are standing, your soul has been Shad, thank God, everything is lying I saw you like black mountains My heart is now this too oh Music Music Music subscribe subscribe subscribe this is the enemy against you only yesterday Yes, now you are sitting me at your table the kindness you have shown me honors me this enmity is a thing of the past Albert, you are just our friend, you as two friends Called to chat, how is your tired, I hope he is good Sultan is missing we wouldn’t very easy We need to learn the Fortress and the Crusader armies I this do you know something about the Byzantine emperor princesses counts they they are all doing great trade in the world, they are partners and they go to Rome. The great caravans traveling up to the land fed the rules and secreted them from there. But the key point of this job is kuval you this great trade Yes your patient is their life Sultan Aziz to the servants of Allah, whose aim is truth and justice. It keeps groaning in the hands of barz oppressors and saves the servants only for the sake of Allah.

Prophet Muhammad.

Our aim is to bring them together with the white and justice for the sake of justice. We have no eyes on the land, it is the only treasure of our state and the whole hand Our orphans in the middle have the right to leave such a job you mentioned. Can we invest even a single dirham. Oh, if he says the big overlords who do this job they already do it with their own personal treasure, your personal treasure More than all of them you are a rich one my only personal treasure my homeland this is my sword, this is ablution Ibrahim And also choose a man nothing else subscribe this is the best how come you are the greatest ruler in the world you can only have Kılıç had ewrik and prayer rug this is us, the rulers do not collect property, do not accumulate treasure, everything belongs to the state and the estuary There is a throne in the palace, all of these are entrusted to us from our ancestors. We leave it to the next generations. It has always been like this. This Principal, this Supreme The source of this behavior is the Lord of the worlds, the Prophet Muhammad.

“Hey Gabriel, those who do not have a world home,”

This angel of revelation, Gabriel, came to our Prophet one day and says fat Mohammed, for the sake of Allah, he has a greeting Whatever you want, I’ll make these mountains gold for you, wherever you go, it’ll be with you He said, “Hey Gabriel, those who do not have a world home,” said Mr. gamber. this is his homeland, or those who are not patched, property, kind, people who do not have a mind, all save for the world TV answers Our Prophet showed us these with his way of life. a handful of Alphas in a dress house made of goat hair. It was there, it was related to us and this world. it comes from this morality that we have remained from our Prophet. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Urdu Hindi Dubbed but we have been working our land for years We saw people as slaves, and with this power attitude you showed, we both You are becoming the greatest state in the world We and our people protect the most natural but we do not come to such fears, Albert, that we do not come to property with silver in gold. Our state is also strong in our state, for us, the homeland blow coarse Tan pillow the Hereafter is also the Home of the hereafter, and the homeland of the hereafter.


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