Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26

Don’t try my patience too much, if you will unite your wife, you will unite against me. and finds the sign of the answer i This is my answer to you diram this insult e it’s the last straw fahhar ozersa in your anger You’ll find it, take it now Return your soldiers to me I regret there is no place for you here I will kill you all, yes, my Sultan will leave Islam. The pilgrimage convoy is ready to depart, our referees at their head are waiting for the edict. and the Byzantines blacked out Ece, they could become a treacher If something bad happens to that other fleet, we cannot give an account of the world of Islam. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Urdu Hindi Dubbed But you too until the crown comes out 31 onions this duty is on the side of the unbelievers And thank you for choosing such a lofty task, my dear. Don’t do it, I’ll deliver the convoy to the onion exit Safely and Acun’s you will receive gifts from us subscribe oh Oguz, that inconvenience will intimidate us and we will be a nightmare in our lands It’s like this, long waste, we still have lands, do you think they I was going to send soldiers to find it. Is there any news yet? Like Sultan Let the men be found as soon as possible and win from our lands. and be thirsty this is.

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Full Official Urdu Hindi Dubbed

what this truth is above all its secrets what a selcukgazi

There is that commander, you have nothing to eat or water until you feel comfortable. How did it happen?  No, the lamb saw it. Now it’s your turn. carrion crows mean commander brand You killed it then how does the compartment sound that Music Oh no, that’s enough, after marx, now we’re after us. We got to go what we’re going to do we’ll tell the same princess that he did If my eye also sprouts like a sapling and votes, with nice eyes I was troubled, how I saw it for the sake of Yacht, or my heart even more He can’t understand, thank you very much, pilgrimage to me for many years my grief i forgot your longing for image varlas. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Urdu Hindi Dubbed I know I wish my father was here too, maybe the secret I’ve been keeping will prevent it Although this is the secret of life, there is also Akika Ore in the hustle and bustle of life. Let this be you Seljuk girl Sultan this is what this truth is above all its secrets what a selcukgazi one of your chains another one your brother maybe purification adores row flag This is also your right This is very precious and now he is where he deserves, always remembering his lineage and giving up the value of his existence Stay well, my uncle, even though money tries to overshadow, a glorious cup of tea He became worthy of our father, Kınık, and our blood. subscribe but my uncle only business when it comes to opera we are too you disappeared, they had these jobs, I couldn’t go with them May Allah grant us to hold your child in your arms in good health. Thank you.

He will always talk about you with love, he will always talk to you with love

. If the temperature is me too, stay well It will happen, our army girls, you should be daddy, you’ll be right, Mega already he is subscribe subscribe I’m flying lefty for a revenge Music I’m going it it didn’t hurt, now it’s okay to do what you’re a mother to, every single one of them died Let me make you laugh, son, it’s the best command, let’s leave someone injured Let him tell about the horror he lived here, let it strike fear into their hearts Ha ha ha ha the whole hungry caravan died, it will be a disaster yes, let’s go, their mind is the size of my crown Akın o subscribe This is my Sultan, at your command, the necessary calculations and observations for the new calendar. we are doing, we will reveal the calendar with the most accurate time calculation Hacer As you can see, your nickname for the B calendar is Jalaluhu giant. We will put the mouth of the Celali calendar based on this, my Sultan, according to your calendar. your head is the day the Sun enters Aries, so it’s Nowruz, Bruce. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Urdu Hindi Dubbed The Beginning of Spring, these ancestors of our ancestors were released from captivity by melting the iron mountains. We’ll take every year they’ve been out as like this Shah. We will enter a new Malik-Shah year on Nowruz. Each Malik-Shah year has 12 months and five months. should add days so this calendar is 365 days julion Gregorian and egypt will be more accurate than calendars Inshallah, the state will end the harvest and tax problems of our calendar and the people. With the right account at the right time, he will collect his tax, his bag full of loyalty.

Touch the human heart in science, it is valuable as long as it serves the peace.

Look, Russian İnna, it doesn’t matter if the banana is on the calendar. there is no need for my name, master state Even after Sultan Melikşah prepares, only his people come for Heli. Who built it. Let them say that the state has become more happy thanks to this. You are mine, it is enough, nothing in this world that does not touch the human heart is worth  Thank God we have a sultan like you who dedicates science to the service of humanity. be sure that the one who understands you rather than calendars, edicts or documents I hope he will stay in our hearts forever. we have been through many hardships together today, we were thrown into the darkness, we were going to drink a little we fell apart subscribe This situation is family, I got together, we will all be together tugram O I came to you to be home, confidant and comrade for a lifetime with you. I’ve come to share.


As long as my life is enough, it will never leave on its slope. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Therefore, never I won’t let go of these hands to the state, this is sold to the cruel window What does not do, this pasta tour and these hands are mine with great love you hold my hands informally, you only love me in these hands, not me With the strength of my hands, do not subscribe to mine subscribe person on this axis what do you mean, he came to the toya without desturation, he was in despair, tinamu was always broken anyway And because of him, xeva comes in the name of our dynasty Neli books Dynasty Sultan Töre gave you the necessary lesson I’m a lion, I’d like to see Sencer’s happiness too he had difficulties, we forced him from us, who was rewarded for his difficulties like his and our hearts are filled Feeling It’s on duty today. But maybe I can’t wait for my baby kaaba’s muruvvet as much. I was happy Sultan Obviously, there is something touching on Sen Street. this abas is extinct. He was brought up in the house of a lonely mother and came here with his nails on the outside. share it with him who has never been able to fully experience family happiness When I look at her, this sadness in her eyes has now become a woman I hope that for the first time in his life, he will fully experience family happiness.


Don’t let it hurt you, O Turna chick! This is Sencer Bey, and your brain is worth a dirham. From the accident of the longitudinal size, the joy of the akgun, the support in the dark day, the strength of your heart in the hard day light Sam and those chicks to their sons main job be a companion to your work this pilgrimage convoy We will kill the sentence, this disaster will cause outrage in the Islamic world. There will be security to the Melikşah and the Seljuks. Thus, they will act against the Kovala. he can’t pee in, he won’t be able to straighten his back I know that pilgrimage convoys go a different route every year for security. How will we find the current Hajj caravan in the palace of demons for all these years? I was not in vain, I know the way the caravan will go, there is something I wonder about the pilgrimage Killing so many Muslims who went will I not upset you at all? What about them? They are people who do not obey the esoteric cause. Siner is the one whose Yigit is not from us. He is no different from you for us. time, let’s act as soon as possible how many times should we pass the whole caravan going on the pilgrimage The Zen pain we will give to Malikshah will be mutual. i’m there, you’ll make tons here, La La Cin would be my undated brain bull Mr. Sencer, let me weigh your words and talk Melek Tekeş, the real thing is to enter the bucket without a license Töre I’m unworthy of your broken blood with you You should bleat, even now, it would have been reported.


You would think for yourself that I am a naive. It’s mine I put my favorite Bey posts on those who deserve it. If that’s it for the ceremony you are fond of it, it brings unrest itself, no matter who comes, he fish turkish him dance after the game he sends it, it doesn’t suit you to break it from there, my way is my yordan my Nizamülmülk What if I should stand back, this melikşahoğlu worships here too On the way to my country, Tore is in the state. How come you to where I am? He goes without a way. You say greetings. Is it melikşahoğlu if you taste me too? Alparslan son, my only job is even though we are both Melik, I’m older than you, blind Metin Where it is not, mind and enter, remember it well, your greatness is not at the age at first It happens but it’s obviously in your mind not, otherwise you will not come to a place where you were not invited without a warrant. you know how to get back didn’t i come here to eat and drink and have fun I’ve come to show the unbelievers their place, is it right from my table? If you go, but when Sencer Bey calls, you will come in tandem. you stand against me, I’ll hold you accountable for this, there’s no need for you all to be one I alone have given you the answer you need in the best way. These Oghuzes are 24 tribes in seven climates and you can go alone together if you want.


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