Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27

This is life experience girl nice You came, you made our father happy with your presence. You’re a baby, Mr. Sencer. Accompanying this Sky day has made us happy kiss. We used to buy swords back to back, since we’ll find out that the sword and shield were stolen from the neck. It is my wish that we will be able to see that our children are also what we have. let the plagues have their love, let them be brothers with comrade Cenk. I hope they will always be brothers, amen amen, I hope it’s hard like us Let him and his water bring happiness, Mr. Sencer, let’s go to our daughter Fırat. and I will bring Blessings to our Dynasty with Felicity Seljuk water. i saw it with my eyes Sultan Melikşah Since we are not equal with you today, you are on horseback, I am talking on the floor, that mama The deal we’re going to make is that we both get an equal amount it will be

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 Official Urdu Dubbed (Server 1)

This is the spear in your hand and the Christian holy and it is very precious for all Christians But you hold your hand What will you do? We have a very big offer for you in exchange for the holy spear, brother. But you make mipas for your rules with gold, and mine is under 3 chests. We thought I’d do okay what do you want in return you clerk,if this breaks the deal we made holy spear you want pain, this is from the Black Sea to the strong get out of the lands you occupied, you will go i stopped on this google, they will start the person of the mosque from the census. We will see with my eyes but that is not possible but your crispy spear is not possible in German I’m giving you an opportunity to end the war. But you’re running hard.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 Official Urdu Dubbed (Server HD)

I will greet your brother Emperor with your head on the tip of the sword.

I cleansed his milk from our land I’ll clean up your partners too. Then it’ll be our turn, this time we’ll give you a nightmare. We will be firstly huvele and then collapsing into Constantinople. it’s a big nightmare and this Sword is the sign of our eternal War with you. I will remove these junak hands when I reach the borders of Constantinople. I watered on the way back to this Melikşah, our soldiers. Yes, sir. Yes, now we will go to them without a short cut and kill us on the way to Melikşah. You will not be able to become a vizier, Melikşah, but I am the point of your sword. i will wear it’s very easy, you’ll be right he ordered it to be sent, has it been sent? It has to be sent. What did you do? Will they pass, it’s very easy, thank you, His Holiness Veli My heart broke when we took advantage thank god you found your watch You are always Sencer’s shoulder to shoulder for the sake of That’s why you’ve been close to you. But you should say longing for a son. as if to the applicant.

Do you think it’s your dream Open it too son, you felt closeness How are you?

I was always afraid of losing that sanctuary Music and this fear is like losing a child and that fear of losing you Thank God I lived when we were hurt I saw you like those Black Mountains that lie opposite My heart is now, take it, take it but tell him the Black mountain lying opposite If not high gave too thin and he laying against the pursuit of Land you are standing tall, his soul has become Shad You are not Your Holiness baby this ishana your body will go. Where did you come from or should I not do this when you came so close to me? You can’t stop everything is not to act, we write, if you attack Melikşah will kill, there is no guarantee that you will know, kill it immediately You better In the eyes of the people, the reputation of Melikşah is healthier, the people of the Seljuks One more around the heavens continue my dignity through the holy spear I wonder that it will destroy it and maybe I will be around You don’t, we’re going to destroy his videos and we’re going to give it the best we can. he’ll have a scene of great damage, look how it’s going to be such a big blow to him We will strike a blow so that the Islamic world will turn its back on Seljuks Gülen.

Will it stay with my Melikşahs? Our daughter is Durna Hatun Ya my son Sencer’s Rıza Bey

These witnesses are very speechless in the presence of this here. God bless the mediterranean girl Amin o yare If these two puppies actine we We testify to you that if this area, this marriage contract and blessed O Allah, Amen to this couple Hz Adam Prophet Muhammad PBUH and our mother Prophet Eve and Prophet Muhammad PBUH Our Prophet, Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima There is between them, by giving him his livelihood and love, Allah’s righteousness and love in this couple. Good sons, long life Give us plenty of sustenance Ahmet Amin Amen Our Lord He said in the world, and in the hereafter, goodness, beauty, blessings, grace, guessing and protect us from the torment of the Fire, Amin brother, I also killed myself A thank you to Khayyam, who has a simple word for what he is doing in that house. Estağfurullah Hey Sencer, let it be known that tuna grass is more than five for you.

Yes, there is a circle around My Tickles.

But you don’t give strength, you can’t eat, no customer, Evelallah is around our sultan I want you all to know that there is no trouble we can’t do as long as we hold on tight which is not Kınık, this will be much stronger look Erdem on three days If you have a reason, our door is always open to you, both before the state and There is no problem that we can’t solve among ourselves, inshallah thank you very much bohtan If the sword does not go when it comes beautiful, unless the state does not forget what it knows is beautiful The mind is beautiful, you know that Turkmens have years. just became a state, then Cihan Take the sultans, without forgetting them, we must continue on the direction Continue We must make sure that our sword is always Sharp Our state is the infidel Ahmet. Coming soon Sultan for your reign You will fight with the soldiers of Melikşah, if you are so clumsy, they will crush you. they pass, o His majesty Sencer Bey, it is dark today There was the sentence of the Turkmen gentlemen, and then they participated in my table. they fade, but when Sencer Bey calls, they go immediately.

I will be his strength so tell me it’s deep you talk that you think you are pink or Sultan Hatun.

Turkmen lords Sencer obviously wants to unite them around him. He who does not support the Turkmen in the lands cannot do anything Baba Sencer Bey If we manage to keep them on our own, we will get used to it. The rebellion is not good at all. your schemes we go to waste o Moreover, their faults are great kinikova not to invite a Melik who has a spray and has his right blood like me. what does domet-üs mean to show that you take a stand against him? Both motherless and fatherless, for whom he will hold the Turkmen lords accountable. When I say I stayed, it’s warm in your heart in a pot find a place i can’t be grateful Unlike today, Mr. Sencer and you, Turna line, are a force that complement each other. You will be its two parts, gentlemen and genius Sultans as they walk on the path of truth. It is illuminated by the light of women, in our tradition, Bey and Hatun, your power is inseparable.


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