Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28 Urdu

I know that special bird won’t find me on my comfy bed With a imaginary person with a sword wound You as long as we find the State This is now, no matter what punishment you give me, I won’t blink Because I believe it would be in the interest of the dynasty for the state to keep this secret. We believe it, but I don’t regret it one bit. I have the question Sultan İvedi News came Melek turanşah. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. He will open us an important issue in the evening I told you, they will say in curiosity, we wait. this is Sancar and the application with Hatun’s Oo pretty I brought it o Everyone knows that Sancar Bey’s father was martyred during the feast.

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We have paid attention not to the issue but to the breast for years. and everyone else should know that Sencar Bey’s father This is not a Martyr, but a Sencer Bey, the son of Sultan Melikşah. If this is Ozen, why are you hiding all this time? I will tell about this collection later, but we will do this for both our state and our sultan. it was necessary to marry, that many days are enough subscribe subscribe and if there is a thing that is obvious, or it is the cerence in my blood, Sencer The secret of carrying the Gaza flag for the sake of Allah’s cause has come to light. Selcukgazi has already been said, this is ignited, the state in his consciousness in his gaze.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbed (Server HD)

Nizam E Alam Episode 28 Full Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing (Server 1)

This candidate has come especially to settle accounts with me. why don’t you go What if you’re in the middle c la lala puts your place down one more step If you throw it, I will not look at you, I will pay the price Turan joke Since you just came out, you don’t think you’re your spy Sencer with your snake tongue don’t poison turanshah With that love, why was your presence always a bad omen? You came to be saved ha ha this time I will not allow bad luck in you You will never be a king, neither from the state nor from the dynasty. It will not stay there, your sultan decides, if you violate his rule, your end will be. would it be like your father, yes, I came to ask for my father’s account, the regulation was here.

Sencer, The Real King

I will take Agca away even if all your armies come Don’t bother with this bass Kadri, or the only thing you’ll get is my sword, don’t find them don’t do it, this intention to do is bad, it provokes that It doesn’t give a chance. See if I’m going to make these words actually. It’s not a wise incident. You know this more than anyone else and then yes, you will, Sencer gentlemen, they will hang out to protect you. This chat sees this blood spilled restaurant Calm down Wouldn’t it be calm, if you don’t deliver the time then? Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28 Urdu Hindi Dubbed I give the shooter the whole thing burns out where he hides But come close to me, I’ll take your homeland, God At that time, everyone, including the Yakar women, who were the whole, would take a joke, such an impudence.

The Real Hero of Muslim Army

If I leave here, the woman’s account will go back, there is angel turanşah in front of you. Let him know his place Without you, I am melikşahoğlu, do you think I am honorable? I’ll take it won’t it be all about Nizamülmülk because I I give you not try to take it means raw means the greatest fame for time death of my father is my right to kill him I drew my sword to fight with me you dare it now it’s a trouble if you’ll see it If you don’t come, I will kill you by looking into your eyes. If anyone is curious that won’t be useful in the dynasty, I’m ready for everything God bless you from the police in Constantinople Mama now has an emergency, shawl emzar.

Malik Shah The Real Fighter of Muslim Uma

You will greed for it so that Melikşah should deal with it so that you cannot manage it here. How do you order, Commander Mitras Well, things will come to Zara, will we know on the roads? Fill the Seljuk soldiers. Bursa Seljuks are very confused soldiers. They were also greatly affected by this situation. There won’t be many soldiers on the way. You can also get him in other cars with you to confuse them. we will reveal the most private secrets of the Byzantine Empire without us You are very important Masters who have the power to risk your life at any cost. Don’t throw it away, don’t worry, Commander, the objection is as soon as possible until the Turks.

The Campanion Of Alp Arsalan

Wow to burn now you can hit the road God bless you I will make it so impatient coming from below He’s his legacy, and the state is on a human knife’s edge, for example, from himself. rather and to the whole dynasty Subscribe as he won’t rally against us he wants my death stop my Sultan if this is even his death If this Hizan is to be supplied, this is my neck user Iğdır Either I’m ready, my sultan, or I’ve been in this office until today. As I did not see this, if it exists, it still waives its rights. I’m in the water I’m on the top of someone else that’s what it was supposed to be and that’s all I gave.

Turn the tribe  into easiest way from tough time

Years or not, this is not what they did to smoke this then choose No Punishment Tomorrow everyone will find an excuse and the sultan’s and the state’s he will do great things on his back, this time, he will leave the palace until the third order. got removed You will not appear before me. It is not from the state affairs. Thanks to the e-Government, thank you, I’m silent, subscribe subscribe this if this is what i decided all these years this is the services he gives to the state and the safety in crime is taken into account.



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