Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30

Tofaş şways clear the middle in time We’ll pack up and attack, and you’re in charge, I’ll hold. and they killed the closest man right in front of my eyes there is, I will ask for this with my sword whoever is in this region of Melikşah I will prove it all, the weight of the water branch is obvious uncle They use every means to save themselves. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. But dizzt pastry is also We will not leave the government in their hands, subscribe They killed my father by  with a ha ha card they will know in your eyes As if it’s not enough, they just forget to do what is necessary for the crimes and forget about me. The cruelty has been to write, it is our duty to destroy the plan of the banana. It doesn’t come, do you think, the time will come, Zakir first, we, but my property, I will pay the penalty.

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Full

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Part 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed


Turan Shah Attacked At Hace Nizam ul Mulk

I will give my Sultan, I will take the head he did not give, my Sultan, tell me, it is as important as a grave Brayer has a hard time getting it when I lost it to the batinis somewhere. If I take it, the Sultan’s reputation will be shattered. You are here in alliance with me. you must be turanşah i will do whatever it takes to destroy Gülşah If Zara drives this sultan’s armies, let’s stop him, it’s enough Your eyes. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Your ear is always full of Sultan, you stop it, I will take care of half of it BİM get a little bit of this process I said I’d throw that scent on its wires with Gonluferah. It’s obvious that it’s been processed by their hands. My life Photo I like you too so that you talk a lot My to let go of the carriage since you were born we’ll go honey my dad knows i’m his son but i take your sons to me maybe Uncle will not give the task, don’t let him do it again, Bey, you again know that your father is alive.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Part 2 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Hace life on its risk due turan shah

He knows, despite everything, did you want to meet today and there is also his mother and father? What should those who will never see again, you are younger, our car when they pressed, they put everyone to the sword. This is my parents hid me, don’t call, they killed them both in front of my eyes I barely saved my life, but their death never leaves my eyes Hajj to you as the gospel extended to all He also extended his hand and a brother remained Music Our orphanage is for sale to each other for the pain of our administration. I’m so sorry that this Name’s name I stole will be bitten one day. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. I’ll go on a pilgrimage When I heard you stole it, it was very processed, whenever it is appropriate, this secret is sinister from me.

Greek Fire will destroyed the castle

This Hayrola Kural has informed us from our spies in the castle. because they have mined Kurdish xert limestone, let me tell you with cars The coming rhyme has escaped, these are the materials of the Greek fire. Posts to the batinis for his defense, maybe he won’t comment, he will pass near the whole party must delete first and subscribe and he definitely found and captured the caravan with tomatoes  and then sing us with that company He will be outside there. I will attack with the army from the outside. don’t take action before I come, if you can’t get outside support Don’t tell me, you can’t leave anyway, Abdullah Ali join you, the lesson of life Zula This is Tofaş I’m Ahmet Do you think you’ll also let me know and he’ll join you. You order. Let’s keep it. Ya Oha hu Baba his biggest punishment is talking to him In the end, he had enough of this punishment.

Sencer and tapar will attacked at Shelemzar

I said that when he disappeared We’ll talk, if you’re going to get angry, he won’t forgive you, let him say it to my face. let’s talk about this Sencer Türk’s application anyway We had scars, remember when you started You loved him so much, maybe he carries his soul with endless love and loyalty. Remind me how the Foreground would be covered and on the plug for years. you overflowed and beautiful right now blood in the dog first volume tangible visible Let’s get oztamaz iPhone in the way of Allah from the concepts section Talking with this video is touching fire, is it for me? I burn Eze and you say which one of them talk to my children. How can I say, you are my son because of a lie Years of pain I’ve taken the time of my scar Loyalty Patterns so much because of them welehu said makar and one of the police, you in the middle of the good ones, the cell became a little fast pool, la vomits on this life, the most education, even our relatives of Turks If Murat sees his relatives from  in their videos, my heart is sheltered.

Zübeyde knows about the betrayed action of terkan hautun

Just before the end of this heart, what do you take from me once, a grave? it was hard Beijing gets this sherbet a little bit distressed Music this is Malikshah but we but don’t take the property away from the palace only the class had mercy on him Because he deserved to be punished with Bae na for what he did, Zübeyde is a collaborator How could he have loved you all this time, looking into your eyes? Doesn’t tell the truth. Give it a try or how will it be? this will almost gave you i’tikaf by not less than emptying it of a skull and say it’s a shame it was early what’s to be said Yes, now we deal with other issues, everything to say I didn’t do it Elif dear Sencer with this application but what about them ba ba syrup was sent from the palace as a spy should I come to sign and he will come back and this does not mean throwing down the estimates of the state and our reputation. Moreover, how is it a liar Love is early This is what you applied for. He returned to the Palace. No, I haven’t even been your slave yet. What is this?

Terkan and Taj ul mulk will be failed against saltanat

Those who are in a hurry Hurt me the most. Can’t you see that Zübeyde’s son has become the Crown Prince? I kept silent, the biggest lie is common, look, he won’t even be punished apply to that ginger now and if they settle in the dynasty, it’s right to me Do you think that I would not think what you think? As your chick, can’t I say two words about this? Are you angel shawl Sencer excuse if calf settles in, nice trouble like him on us I like to think about these things to come, I like this state sultan still the father of the island I gave my years to this dynasty and the state. Moreover, nothing in return. He didn’t get it, now he only thinks about my state, I’m upset, my crime has been played He used to tell me that if he was talking, I would like to look at our child’s face.



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