Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31

Haydo to see if he doesn’t want them then what will happen. His Excellency Sultan Melikshah e-application lady I then tell her that my grandchild was born who I. I have informed you, Sultan, you are useless. This job is the mother of magic reference Hatun. The palace is always open to me and I would go to see your grandson and you too. You will come to those two angels, you are valuable. Who is this who adores sencers? When it is destroyed, I will understand your yellow value too. subscribe But mine Kissed girl Or leaves it actually showing works I’m Ahmet Emir and Güven is on his lap at home. You both look at him like that. To Murat, this was because his name was Ahmet. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing We became his lamb in the 3rd, May Allah forgive his parents Music she should never leave her warm body, pregnant this.

 Episode 31 Full Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Episode 31 Parr 1 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Sultan Allot Sener As A Amir Of Karaman Develet

What did you name it girl we are in the sea My Sultan adores Salam, let it come back like that, Good luck, OK, we’ll put in time In honor of this question, there should be more Let the sherbets spill like this lake, you feed the loves, we bring the poor You command the Sultan on this crane chick and I for our baby He brought presents to my daughter from our father. I’ll see, my son, let me take it. If you excuse me, these are the short streets of the Diyanet. Come on, we let’s go on our way home We have completed these preparations here Emin Master isfizari and the Engineers will wait. Yes I have spent so far with Mustafa While the engineers were coming here, these orators were attacked by their wounds. I’m serious, let them behave, the conquerors missed in their tower drawings Isn’t there another engineer this he is not in isfahan to make calculations, music nibs, this is new to me too it would take days for you to come it seems we will complete the towers it is impossible now, if Selam can’t take any damage, let the soil.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 Parr 2 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Tapar Goes To Other State As a Amir

I step on be Haram, we will take our revenge. I will put you on the ground, my sword is Haram, I promise If you come back here before this comes out, my mistake is haram, how will it be, and tell me again You can trust, we have sound things that we can’t handle Music Music What is the situation of fizar and engineers? Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing Dangers destroy life, my Sultan, but I think it’s time for them to get up. Do you think the siege towers are today? It means he won’t be able to. Which means he won’t be able to tell tomorrow. Send news about this test pot, let him return to his father, be Alemdar. It’s impossible, I’ll handle this job personally, my Sultan is the word of the finger This elephant does not say what is the cost of running long stand up and PC it will take some time, these materials have taken in these tower drawings this sultan ordered Sencer to come back, the waterfall landscape attack itself He was going to do it himself. So I organized the soldiers for tomorrow’s style. Sencer’s return means my resignation too T.

Mother Of Senjer Will Be Live Sultan Palace Forever

It’s the day of victory What are you doing How are you they poisoned you are getting married, all of the soldiers are poisoned for their water. A large number of soldiers get up, it’s time for them to come to their senses, they don’t tell them informally like this we can’t get Music And the camp was confused, and I told you that we will prevent you from your journey. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing Are you a merchant? he successfully fulfilled his duty, even though they built the towers, we poisoned and broke this never landed waterfall landscape we attack Saying that he will not be able to say, Sencer has towers built with his own knowledge and gave speeches in front of them It’s about to go farther, my Sultan It’s true He kept his promise of every age. Well done, let’s see him now. Will that Sultan succeed in getting the word from the hearth in front of things? The news came that the enemies have poisoned the water wells this is unfortunately the majority of the soldiers and they fell fraudulently Berger well very few soldiers My Sultan is left with his colon soldiers, they can’t take Söylemez Walk quickly, we’ll take a break as soon as you say we’ll finish this job Music This sultan of ours is going evil.

Again Hassan Sabah Goes To Janat ul Mouta

Thanks to you, we have built ships and found them in Derya accidents, the first of our history. We formed the navy and we had the honor of being the first deryabey. That’s why I built this ship for you with my hands, at his command, swim the houses in it. you will get the blessings it has blessed and maybe you will be grateful, Denizli It is Allah who gives you your benefit and if there is a joke, Mr. Derya is greater accidents await us Music What does it mean? Our Sultan Sencar did not return despite Emine to build a tower for the attack. It was a way to go, didn’t turn, or I’ll have to resign too I will be at the head of the soldiers in the morning, not so much what Sencer did we don’t see it with the naked eye, it must not be for Alemdar, he is so stubborn, he is successful If it happens, it will increase from now on, it will get ahead of you. Think about it this way, brother.


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