Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33

Do you think that Remzi should withdraw, and state affairs should be given to his father? leave it to those who know how to be damage to the reputation of the state Let this be seen Cihangir Selam when I will not stop unharmed The disasters that happened on your own, we want to be alone, look, we want to be apart This is our destiny. Thank you for coming back. Not because you gave up, it turned the tender do you have What if you are love, give pedigree to our water and let’s name our state but You flew away like a very bitter arrow, the enemy. Here, tell me, a selcukoglu. Will he give up on arriving with Elif and return Hello, many of our brothers Martyrs for the sake of the dice this and remember to your Lord what does this say in the verse O When the believers face every disbeliever in battle, turn your back to them. Do not turn and flee who relocate for war or join another unit turns his back on the enemy and flees during battle without the intention of joining The wrath of Allah will be suffered, the destination of the horon is hell, what a bad end Our Lord commanded them from behind and for this cause he passes the School on the enemy. When will Allah surely sink their traps?

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbed HD

Malik Shah The 2nd Seljuks Sultan

    1. What if you give up on this state if defeated, towards the school goal at Take refuge in your Lord and the chr in your essence and throw your target by saying fat Allah o You collected this reserved gift Sultan Melikşah isfizari and engineers

I swore to come back because of the shooting he was going to take the matter with himself You tell our sultan, what I gave you must taste like that, go nowhere without biomet I will not go sherem Sarıyer how much will we get Subscribe to these bastards to get the towers We have to do it at night Your Highness So how are we going to do it? after they shot their men they destroyed the tower in the drawings new Knowledge It takes a long time for his men to arrive Kartal Sencer, whose wing is broken, has landed. helplessly opening news about the treatments Sencer started to build the towers again It’s obvious how this was built, we’ve destroyed the names of the fathoms. otherwise it wouldn’t have continued, I’m fine, but if it continues, it will definitely do it. We didn’t break the towers of an eagle’s wing It’s clear his claws are still on us he can’t stop him sako claws.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbed HD (Server 1)

Sencer Will Defeat Byzantine Army

Tomorrow shelem zarai nar i find a way to stop it subscribe tomorrow Won’t you come back without this Sencer nation no matter what happens to you tomorrow what do you mean he won’t come How would he and his wife Zarife do without the Engineers? I’m going to take it, my hand says Ben 10 final, from this Dönmez Today is against me too He has come, he is leaving when he says you will not go, he has done it against you. it’s not coming, i keep it because of his devotion to his duty i’m his father pain sons don’t rebel against their father’s decisions like that We went to the Conquest of the Castle of Mary when I was a little older. When this siege is prolonged, your father’s Sultan Alparslan Orders you to return, But you did not return to this that we fell from the walls of the pen into the waters Even though you didn’t come back Music o Sultan Alparslan, I’m not going back, there’s a radar, oh what can you say, a black one on the walls You will be a flock, brother Burak, I woke up. You didn’t come back from the conquest of the castle, don’t be stubborn for the sake of your duty Sencer From whom did he get his habit? You made an 11-year-old kalepet, so did Sultan Emine. insists on entering a castle, this captivity and wisdom, the essence of it. I’ll buy it from you.

Tapar Will Rescued Ali From Mithras Army

He is another, this is another person, he is another candidate, my Sultan is the same, a Zira tell Bala the wolf she will be saved I will also hold you Derya in the Mediterranean Sea in the Sea of ​​Islands in Izmir. I brought the greetings of the wolves, Aleyküm Selam, my Derya Congratulations, you are also welcome, my Deryalar Fatih Çakabey Our eyes are bright your heart has witnessed, we have been honored to come to your presence, my Sultan, you are welcome Çakabey Welcome, Hacer Nizamülmülk, my Sultan, your support is good for the house.

How Will Get Revenge Of Sultan Army

his is Sencer’s incompetence, you too Fire line isn’t Tabar what a pity whoever puts his trust in him and shame on all of them Then this it has taken the duty on behalf of the state. If there is a failure in the middle anti-state due to Gazi, who writes to the people who write to the state Don’t try to teach me the state when you want her to do it, write, I’m three I am the daughter of a century-old dynasty, the power of the state is represented by the actions of individuals. The person of the pot is like that. Melike is not enough to represent his power. The reputation of the state has been damaged because of this. If the fish of yesterday is given a Melik. This is how it happens, every duty is thrown out of your spoiled role, and in the end it’s such a disgrace There is a disgrace here too, like the older brother adores He tries to stand out in everything when there is an experienced angel on the cover because of him beginners used to call him son e is not the state, but you also have it in your hands. You raised your man, you are looking to raise the good right away, Hacı Burak is an informal state. While this is an angel standing here worshiping Sencer in every job Don’t try to stand out base on merit.


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