Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34

We will not allow Melikşah and his army, we will return to the land of the force. it’s time for war today will victory be our javier Turks subscribe what’s alive hu hu hu hu hu oh How much is it? oh A thank you so much subscribe oh Sure god subscribe subscribe subscribe oh What is he and this is Kılıç Sultan Melikşah’s wish-5 I am in the company of this realm, your soul waters Kılıçer and try to stay related to them What did I think of you Rice, infidel’s paradise C, this is after the last day We’ll keep thinking forever Music My Sultan, we have been beating a mixture of victims with catapults since morning. This is how we made a breach, our soldiers entered, the dominance of the square is now we are waiting for you for the declaration of the unconquered force before the constantiniyye Thing is, the important thing has come to hoover Fort Hoover and throw our banner. Alpaslan, we will complete the remaining duty, he is this tradition.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Good End Of Malik Shah Era

We the world is the patron of Islam the hope of the oppressed, the fear of the righteous, and we are the standard-bearers of the kalima-i tawhid and We are the Seljuks, the Yilmaz soldiers of Allah’s cause. and with the oppressors until they publish the glory of Islam and the surah of the Turk in the holistic mother. We will continue to fight with kuffar Music Our Victory is Allah’s Allahu akbar His Highness Sultan Melikşah subscribe this simmering Sons glass After the pride outfit of the rat state It is worthy of you to be an emir in other larger, more front lands. Music your strength and your intelligence and your ability We’ll blow it up with a younger than that, there’s the order in the picture I don’t want to talk to you that much, it’s a transitional phase to Anatolia.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing (Server 1)

Bashulo Get Her Real Place In Palace

You carry Alpaslan in the name of Muhammad, your grandfather opened the doors of Anatolia Of course, your borders are worthy of your rule, always first of all throughout your life. Under your name then I tried to be worthy of you dad Music what garage maybe after today Let’s talk let’s ask Hakkari map Halal bro Halal halal Other than that Khorasan Emir is Sencer Khorasan This song is the ornament of the lily light no man, your money arm, we love you, you will be when the time comes With your Bosch, you will enlighten our state even more, many years away from the state. I’m sure you stayed for many years Our state will continue to illuminate Music subscribe it and this state He became my fatherless teacher Then you took the shadow of your wings, this is what I did at home today He did it for the state and for you, there is no going back and not being able to find it. you’re right, father, father, halal, halal, halal, halal to your job. I saw it burned with your longing for years, but after meeting you.

Terken Failed in his Plans

Then none of them work like this, my son, not in this world, while in your face I run away, there will always be work, you will always live in my heart, to Allah be entrusted the apartments where to worry day and night, what trouble there is no way to design that he is in it, let him relax and squeeze his bottom Thank God my heart is at ease with you, your strong merciful wings you are a shadow subscribe and your way chocola my patients halal Make your rights halal Sultan Halal halal may you be entrusted to Allah My bad girls this Berker shame they flew from their nests with the next baby eagles Star God to them May Allah grant them success befitting their fathers. Amen amen amen. What are your turkey hands, our sons of the sultan, do your duty to us? complete taste at home. What we have to do against our father is one last underestimation. After the blows of Sultan Melikşah, he was torn apart by his stomach.

Zubyida The Warrior Women

Hasan left a homeless place in the morning, as a last resort Alamut castle. After that, I aimed all my strength to settle in the Alamut fortress. he was going to use it but later but the heart is beautiful but Melik Muhammed Tapar was going to be an emir for years with his justice. He would follow in the footsteps of the warrior and his grandfather, Muhammed Alparslan, whose name he bears. Melik ah this Gencer ruled in Khorasan for years. He would continue his grandfather Alparslan’s greatness in the lands of the Seljuk State. he would struggle to consolidate the power of his state He would embroider the light of an age illuminated by the pen on the golden pages of history. Music subscribe it what is it Music o Sultan Baba The envelope of the North land is comfortable O Summer I opened its doors.

Good End Of This Series

The Best in Anatolia Significant Castle is not ours alpaslanda escrow attacked From where did we bring the state, this is also the biggest state in the world. my father did the questions Now the victim has protected the state against many powerful enemies Ayşecik said it’s impossible, the expeditions made targets subscribe subscribe without me. You know from the past, you can’t tell your father, Atabey, your eyes are difficult. how horse salçuk lunu to the struggle how his right in the age of Sultan Alparslan It was Sultan Alparslan’s duty to know the struggles that were given importance. Understanding the epic he wrote will mean understanding the seljuk too. I believe that the Seljuk sun will rise with the sun in the great war that we will meet soon.


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