Who Did Orhan Ghazi Marry?

Who Did Orhan Ghazi Marry?

Orhan Ghazi was the second bey of the Ottoman Beylik. He ruled from 1323/4 until 1362. Born in Söüt, he was the son of Osman I. Here is a brief history of his wife and children. Theodora Kantakuzenos was his wife, while Bala Hatun was his second wife. The two married in 1330.

Nilufer Hatun

During his time as sultan, Orhan Ghazi married Nilufra Hatun, a daughter of Yarhisar Tekfur. Their relationship was notable because they both had benevolent and charitable tendencies. Nilufer built several kopili, a lodge on the Kaplicakapi fortress, and a masjid in the Darphane neighborhood of Bursa.

Her name was Holofira, which means “daughter of the emperor of Byzantium.”

Her father raided Bilecik at the time of the wedding and returned with disguised soldiers. Osman gave her to Orhan. She was his first wife and the mother of his sons, Sultan Ibrahim, Fatma, and Selcuk. She is buried in the tomb of Orhan Ghazi.

Sultan Orhan Ghazi married Nilufra, a Byzantine princess who was kidnapped by a Turkish general in 1291. She was the first sultan to marry a foreign woman, and is credited with the creation of the modern Turkish nation. She had been a part of the Ottoman Empire for seventy years, and she was the first sultan to marry a foreign woman.

Sultan Orhan Ghazi was the second sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Born in the town of Sogut, he was the son of the eponymous Osman Bey. His mother was Malhun. Both Orhan and Nilufer had children. Murad I, the third Sultan of Turkey, was born in 1344, and his sister Suleyman Pasha, the first Greek genetic prince, died in 1360.

After his father’s death, Orhan Ghazi began expanding his territory, adding six provinces to his empire.

Besides the cities of Istanbul, he also ruled the cities of Bilecik, Kocaeli, and Sakarya. In addition to these provinces, he ruled the Marmara Islands and Tekirdag. His sons were successful in conquering these areas and were able to rule them for another thirty.

During the reign of Orhan, Ottomans expanded from the Middle East into the Balkans. ‘

The small Ottoman principality continued to attract Ghazis from other Turkish emirates. These warriors were loyal to their religion. During his reign, the Byzantine towns of Nicaea and Brusa were captured by the Ottomans. A year later, the city of Sogut was invaded by the Turkish army.

While Orhan Ghazi was in the throne, he was also able to rule the Uskudar peninsula.

Ghazi ruled in this region for 37 years. He died of natural causes in 1361, at the age of 79. He is buried in the Gumuslu Kumbet in Bursa. A full life of a Sultan is not easy. As the son-in-law of a sultan, Orhan sought counsel with his brother Alaeddin and a priest named Kara Khalil Candarli, who was connected to the royal family through marriage. He presented his plan to the vizier and the master. It was not carried out due to Orhan’s age and ill-health.

Theodora Kantakuzenos

Theodora Kantakuzenos was a Byzantine princess. She was the daughter of Emperor John VI Kantakuzenos and Irene Asanina. The couple was betrothed in 1364. Orhan arrived in Selymbia with a fleet of 30 ships. He met the princess and escorted her to Bithynia, where they were married in 1367.

A land grant from 1324 lists a wife named Efendi Hatun as Orhan’s

She may have been a first cousin of Orhan or the daughter of his uncle, Gunduz Bey. In 1346, Orhan married Theodora Kantakuzenos, a daughter of Byzantine John VI Kantakuzenos and a cousin of Melek Hatun. She was not a convert to Islam.

After their marriage, Theodora went to Constantinople and lived there for three days.

So After her father’s victory in the civil war, she remained at the Ottoman court until Orhan’s death in 1362. The After his death, she returned to Constantinople. Her husband was also known as Orhan Ghazi. And they were not the only couple to marry.

The Byzantine civil wars benefited Orhan.

His marriage to Theodora Kantakuzenos’ daughter was a great political boost for the Ottoman Empire. Orhan acquired the right to conduct raids throughout the Balkans. He also captured Gallipoli in 1354. This marriage was highly beneficial for his military and the Ottoman Empire. The result of all of these events is that he remains one of the most important figures in the history of the Byzantine Empire.

Bala Hatun

In the Turkish myth, Orhan Ghazi and Bala Hatun were married on the day of Osman’s election as Bey. Bala is a soft-hearted hatun who follows Islam. Her husband also embodies maternal love for the Kayi people, and she married him to be his successor. Her marriage with Osman is a symbol of the reunion of two tribes and the fulfillment of Osman’s father’s will.

The history of this marriage has some holes, though.

While the marriage between the two men may have been arranged, it is not known for certain. Mal Hatun’s name appears in the charter of the Mekece foundation after that of Osman Bey. It’s not clear whether Orhan Ghazi and Bala Hatun were related or not. Although the marriage is based on rumors, it is possible that the two were cousins and were born about the same time.

Another legend states that Orhan Ghazi and Bala Hatun had nine children.

One of their children, Halil, was captured by Genoese pirates and held for ransom. After his release, Halil married Irene, a descendant of John V Palaeologus and Helena Kantakouzene. The family subsequently had two sons, Orhan Bey and Alauddin Ali Pasa. Their children included two daughters, Melik Bey and Savci Bey.

Osman Ghazi’s first marriage, supposedly taking place in 1280 CE, took place with the daughter of a powerful Anatolian Seljuk vizier, Malhun Hatun. They would later marry again in 1289 CE, this time to Rabia Bala Hatun, the mother of Alaeddin Pasha of the Ottoman Empire. Neither of these marriages ended in a civil war.

Another rumor states that Orhan Ghazi and Bala Hatun married after the death of Osman Ghazi.

However, this is not confirmed by historical sources. However, some sources have claimed that the marriage was solemnized by the Sultan. Bala Hatun’s death occurred in January 1324 CE, and she was buried in the tomb of her father, Sheikh Edebali, in Bilecik. The couple had eleven children and eleven grandchildren. The character Bala Hatun is played by actress Ozge Torer who studied at Mugla Sitki Kocaman University.

During this time, the Sultanate had expanded to the south through the sons of Orhan Ghazi.

The local people remained loyal to the new rulers, and they recognized freedom of religion and life. The newly conquered lands were eventually occupied by Muslims from Anatolia. As the new rulers fought, the Christian villagers were provided with aid in Muslim soup kitchens, and a few converted en masse.

During the Byzantine civil wars, Orhan Ghazi’s son-in-law was also married to the emperor. After his marriage to Bala Hatun, John VI Kantakouzenos invited Orhan Ghazi to Istanbul. Orhan Ghazi stayed in the town for three days and enjoyed the views. However, the marriage was unsatisfactory to Orhan Ghazi. The Ottomans eventually occupied Rumelia and seized the city of Istanbul.

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